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9/21 c6 darkstar2311
Much better, cant wait for more.
9/21 c6 Silber D. Wolf
9/21 c6 Saif Omar
This chapter is much much better than all the previous chapters combined. Though you should probably delete all the other chapters when you post the next chapter. I am looking forward to it.
9/21 c6 Azai Jin
Interesting opening ... hope to maybe see some flashbacks of this past two years of Shirou's group and how they got to the GoT world?

It makes more sense that Shirou's group go to the Stark's than one of their vassals, and it will be interesting to see what changes in come to the North now? For the Stark family, I can already see Lyanna Stark wanting to learn from Shirou's group! And just that could change the future in a large way!

Thanks for the chapter! Looking forward to reading more!
9/21 c6 7Jebest4781
Looking well and wonder how they’ll change things up.
9/21 c6 Guest
9/21 c6 Guest
Better opening. These seven guys are more like seven gods in this world.

Shirous regular arrows can move at Mach 14 to put that into real world perspective. Shirou can shoot arrows as fast as nuclear ICBMs and more accurate that missiles. Shirou can literally destroy thousands dragons of this world with his eyes closed.

Guns? Hypersonic weapons? Shirou can literally throw a random NP and level entire armies.

Rin vs Luvia can literally break magically reinforced walls on their training and Shirou is much more superhuman than both of them physically.

There's also rider. She can literally stare an army to death away in an instant.

North is lucky these otherworldly seven gods are chill right now. Pisa them off they you realize that your army is gone.

They are much more powerful than GOT dragons.
9/21 c6 7LoverOfArtemis
I'm glad you didn't just start an entirely separate fic. Are you going to delete the earlier chapters?
9/21 c6 daohei
yes better opening
more hype for the fic
9/21 c6 ssiribas
I think it is better, it is more intelligent to introduce yourself, than how they confronted ned in the old version.
I would like that the north does not depend on the south, that shirou and the starks transform the north into the kingdom as strong and rich, with the professional army at their command.
9/21 c6 Jc1965
Excellent reopening can’t wait for the next chapter
9/21 c6 ra.joligon
Yo if ye are gonna rewrite the story better if ye delete this then start a new one w
9/21 c6 Anton Fire
I really, really, really like it
9/21 c6 SirMaou
yeah this is better than the first one
9/21 c6 7savitarsurffer
There is nothing more fun than throwing a stone and seeing the waves that it causes ahahahaha
I better start if I have to say it
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