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9/4 c1 InfinityMask
Hoho I always enjoy group isekai. This is what I need! Let’s see where this story goes!
9/4 c2 MrX
Lord Stark may house the Emiya Family for a couple of months but he is unlikely to hand over land or titles to dangerous strangers; in a few years it could get a noble title by renovating Muat Cailin and some streets; Illya and Medea would be able to covertly transmute enough valuable materials to buy Skagos.
They will definitely go and plunder Valliria because Medea will want to look for a couple of dragons.
9/4 c2 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter!

I wonder what Shirou's group will show of their magic in this little meeting? And since they will be affiliated with the North, what changes will they bring? They have access to magic and knowledge, that is far ahead of the GoT world, so I look forward to seeing what will happen!?

Will they also be teaching magic to anyone? I can see Arya Stark following Artoria around and learning from her!? And I could see Sakura maybe seeing a little of her self in Daenerys "Dany" Targaryen? Maybe they could take in Dany, and get her away from her mad brother? She would not stand out much among Shirou's group, as Illya also has white hair and the other girls are also very different from the local girls!

Again, thanks for the chapter! Looking forward to reading more!
9/4 c2 2miguelgiuliano.co
good chapter, I like this more open mind for Ned which is very good for the story; I hope Ned and Cathelyn have great personal growth in your story; I think that Medea, Rin and Arturia would be excellent teachers for this young couple (Ned and Cat should be around 18 years old by now) both for political and economic issues as well as magical in the future.
One thing I will ask of you is the increase of exotic, prehistoric and magical creatures in your history.
I hope that the weapons of the first men and the Valyrian steel weapons are magical.
9/4 c2 Guest
These crew is less magicians more like gods to this world lol.
9/4 c2 3GSFT
I wish I can hear Rin's ranting in that swamp. Sounds painful, but I love it when she is irritated. She is just so cute.

And Ned do believe in magic. Damn, I love that title.

Illya might like the North. The place must remind her of birth country, unless she hate the Einzberns for lying about her father.

What the group would do? I already expected them to going to Essos. But for the moment, it's good to see their stay with the Starks. By the way, it would be fun to see swordplay between Artoria and some soldiers, seeing her knocking them down and said, "You have to be better than this!"
9/3 c1 Silber D. Wolf
9/3 c1 Bisaster
Cool, are you starting to write again? Also you should look for a beta, the text could use a tune up here and there.
9/2 c1 Zathol
We have claimed this castle in the name of...I couldn't think of a suitable name for their group...

But yeah I can't even imagine an army bringing down one servent let alone a group of them and the masters. I'm sure they can do a lot of stuff on this world without Gaia's interference as well.

Curious to see where this goes.
9/1 c1 1Drcaus
Hey there idea crossovers for you
Rising of the Shield Hero/Young Justice crossover
Rising of the Shield Hero/High School of the Dead crossover
Rising of the Shield Hero/Marvel crossover
Rising of the Shield Hero/Percy Jackson crossover
9/1 c1 FanBoy01
We need more GOT crossovers.
9/1 c1 2miguelgiuliano.co
I hope the story is not so funny when it comes to politics.
You know since you are using 7 super strong characters I think they could pass themselves off as gods (if you add to the mix all of them join with some deity, so Ishtar, Parvati, Lancer-Arturia and Frey-Sitonai would be present) and you You add more power to Medusa and Medea like Quetzalquatud and Morrigan respectively.
I think Shirou's tracking ability could quickly get all the information from the castle they inhabit now (Moat Cailin) and then they could ask the grail to give them more information about the new world where they are.
It would be interesting that Rin / Ishtar and Sakura / Parvati bless Jon and Robb as well as promise that if they worship them they will bring prosperity to the North (incidentally they create a school of magic xD).
9/1 c1 Dragonlord001
I wonder if Shirou's girls will eventually have to dress up Westerosi style.
9/1 c1 Brother Bov
I take that criticism back, you seem to get rid of it later on in the chapter.
9/1 c1 Brother Bov
Good chapter has potential.
Criticism that i hope to keep constructive.
Commas(,), useful for giving that short break within sentences, allows ya to give emphasis to certain words. It also gives the reader room to breath so that their reading doesnt become an emotionless monotone.
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