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11/26 c13 2miguelgiuliano.co
It's great to have Heracles in the story and for him to accompany Illya as Brandon, I think he would be an excellent father figure to teach him restraint.
I hope you forget that detail that Winter Steel does not harm those who have blood of the First Men, so Richard will better plan future marriage alliances for his children.
Another point is that heroic spirits are the best to help Shirou and company, personally I would expect Scatach, Da'Vinci, Nightingale, Semiramis, Waver, Paracelmo, Charles (Iron-Man) and Gilgamesh / Caster
11/26 c13 Wol Ryung
11/26 c13 3Fyr RedNight
Good work on the last couple of chapters.
11/26 c13 7savitarsurffer
sorry but i have a question. They went to the North because it was the place where they could practice their magic without problems.
So when Cat marries either ned or brandon, wouldn't she be opposed to such things? you know with that of being a devout follower of the faith
good job and keep it up
11/26 c12 3GSFT
Now this make sense. I was confused why you gave this chapter the title "Building the Clocktower" even though the focus is actually preparation for summoning. Now you fix it by giving it a different title and turned it to chapter 13 while the previous title stay in chapter 12 with different contents.
11/26 c12 1Piouspoppy41355
Both stories are good concepts, the second being one I like more as we get further along not many stories include changes from when Ned was young. I would say you should remove the rough draft first story and the author’s notes, if you take a bit longer to write that’s for you as you should write at your own pace. We will be waiting as your readers. I would also recommend finding a Beta-Reader or Two to go over and help you take care of some grammatical and other errors. Love the story so far and hope to see more of your work!
11/26 c12 1thomassmith69
Re post?
11/26 c12 InfinityMask
I wonder who get summoned... why they need the summons btw? I don’t see anyone can defeat any of them or even pose as dangerous opponents...

I hope the one called is Jean... than again maybe healer like Nightingale would be better?
11/25 c12 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter! Looking forward to seeing who they summoned!
11/25 c12 Guest
11/25 c12 Brother Bov
its good to see you back from the hiatus (or im presuming your back). I'm hoping its Cu lancer would be good. because one, he's a knight, two he's Irish so he'd get along well with the northeners, three hes studied in runes.
11/25 c12 Nikkless
next chapter please
11/25 c12 Nikkless
damn cliffhanger.
11/10 c11 Guest
Hopefully the starks remain humans instead of becoming like the cast. Game of throne works because people are regular humans even with Brandon's magical sight.

Leave the superhuman to the fate cast.
11/5 c10 Nikkless
next chapter soon i hope
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