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10/9 c11 Guest
10/9 c11 osterreicher97
Good chapter
10/9 c11 3Fyr RedNight
That was a good chapter.

I look forward to see down the line the implications of this generation of the Starks learning from our heroes.

By the way, will they also teach magic?
10/9 c11 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter! I love it and I'm looking forward to seeing what effects Shirou and his group will have on the North and beyond!
10/9 c11 7Jebest4781
This was pretty goo and can't wait for more when possible.
10/9 c11 4DaDragon562
Loved this chapter especially the archery scene and the interaction of the children and their thoughts on how cool our crew of magus are
10/9 c11 InfinityMask
I’m looking forward to see butterfly effect of what happened to The Stark and north with Shirou and his harem help. Especially Brandon, Ned, Lyanna and Benjen development.
10/9 c11 Silber D. Wolf
10/9 c11 Logic's a Product of Insanity
"And for your final lesson, you'll be shooting swords"

"How and why?"

"Because... bone of my sword"

These people are about to get some grade A education. Thanks for the chapter!

One little detail worries me however: you mentioned Shirou's style shouldn't be taught. The "suicide" style does NOT exist! It's fanon. It was used once against Lancer who didn't care what opening he went for. Stronger opponents will overpower their blocks, faster opponents will find real openings, and smart ones would throw feints to punish their reactions. Archer/Shirou snipe from afar when possible, go on the defensive in cqc to gather information, and then counter attack either by using skill with K&B or tracing an NP that counters the opponent. They're a Jack of all trades master of none who use whatever weapon and fighting style that will work against their enemy. They will also lie, taunt, and trick their opponents to get the upper hand. Archer didn't get Eye of the Mind True nor could he have killed Berserker 5-6 times by fighting suicidally; the guy has too many countless years of battle experience for him to have such a stupid "style".
10/9 c11 Genesis09
‘Shirou firing arrows like he’s bored’

‘Watchers’ Is he a god of Archery?

‘Shirou, “I’m gonna teach you to do that in about a year.”

‘Watchers’ So... either he’s a god come to bless us or we all died and this is a dream.
10/9 c11 AnimeA55Kicker
Robin Hood ain’t got nothing on Shirou.
10/9 c11 Brother Bov
thanks for these shorts, it gives us readers hope. I cant give you any constructive criticism unless your writing gets worse, so all i can say is keep it like it is at the very least.
Loyally awaiting the next chapter Brother sergeant Bov.
10/9 c11 furukawa023
I'm pretty sure Rin is better than Shirou on unarmed fight considering she learn Baji quan? (I forgot how pronoun it) but then again we don't know if he learn unarmed fight after Grail War.
10/9 c11 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
LOLs! Compared to heroes and current warriors of Westeroes, Shirous Skill in Archery is and shall ALWAYS BE... ... ...HAX XD! I look forward to your next chapter. This one was dope. I loved it!
10/9 c11 Sdarkness05
damb shirou that's some high standards
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