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6/18 c10 Trinix8
good chapter
I wonder if Lucas's can learn Haki since he's not from One piece
6/18 c10 AngelFaux
It's very cool to see Lucario able to contend with an Admiral Candidate. Though I'm sad Detect is only for short bursts.

Lucas instantly sliding into training Tashigi is pretty fun.
6/16 c10 Ominous Olethros
So how will the World Government screw this up? What living incarnation of scum and villainy with a metric ton of self-worth will they send? The World Government really doesn't have many people that could convince him to join. Spandam or the World Nobles are just repulsive for any moral person, that is if the psychics don't get Lucas to run before they even land.
6/16 c10 Zero1111
I liked the chapter, good to get some background from Lucas and to see how his Pokémon stack up power wise. However I’m gonna call it right now, the moment he encounters a world noble or sees the giant slave trade island is the moment he becomes a pirate. Because we all know those bubblehead morons are gonna demand he hand over his Pokémon and everything in his bag once they see or hear about them.
6/16 c10 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter and I enjoyed Lucas talking about his home
6/9 c9 Gamelover41592
this has potential let's see where this goes
6/5 c9 Laeshyikowl
Damn it. Was hoping for so something more than a interlude. Guess I gotta wait again
6/5 c9 AngelFaux
I like it, seeing how things are going on the other side are pretty good. So, Lucas has a Luxray and Togekiss for eight known pokemon. I wonder if he has more.

Uxie definitely felt otherworldly. Not quite as eldritch or as powerful as say in Traveler since Cynthia managed to stall Giratina. But much more badass than in the anime.

Still definitely gods with the power and authority to match, but not quite invincible which I honestly like.

It's a good balance between making them actual gods and elite trainers still being able to give them a good battle.
6/4 c9 Gaming Master Anthony
You know… this shouldn’t work… but it DOES.
5/22 c3 Gaming Master Anthony
Huh….. never expected Sanji to be a furry, (I think that’s what people who swoon at the sight of gardevoir would be classified as)

But then again the only female I’ve seen him not make love eyes at are that train conductor mermaid (forget her name) and kids.
5/4 c5 2GoMagikarp
Okay, rant incoming. Because this story is really well done, I genuinely love it, but this chapter was incredibly frustrating. Granted, it was just this battle that strained my incredulity to the breaking point and everything else has been fantastic.

So, here we go:

Lucas says, while his hands are literally on his pokebelt, that he doesn't have enough time to release any of his other pokemon. Despite the fact that, one, while he was thinking that, Crocodile was getting stun locked by Torterra and couldn't reform, two, he literally just has to press a single button to instantly release a pokemon, and three, two of his pokemon don't even need to be released by him and can do it themselves. But apparently he doesn't have enough time? So very weird.

Then he says he won't use the pokemon that would pretty much instantly win him the fight. Fine, Vaporeon is 90% water or whatever, he doesn't understand the full capabilities of Crocodile, and the water absorption ability could potentially be fatal. All fair enough.

Except, you know, Lucas is supposed to be a Champion level trainer, the best of the best in the entire world when it comes to battle tactics and strategy. Surely he can think of something besides the literal nothing he came up with. Right?

Why not have Vaporeon hide behind Torterra's massive frame? Or use Gardevoir to teleport Vaporeon around the field? Like, I cannot believe, between his 5 other champion level pokemon, that the champion trainer can't figure out how to defend Vaporeon for the three seconds it would take for it to either use Rain Dance or fire off a barrage of water moves.

But whatever, his concerns about Vaporeon being in danger from Crocodile are understandable. It's the only part of the entire battle that is.

So apparently he won't use Houndoom who could glass all of Crocodile's sand because they're in a civilian area. I guess don't pay attention to the massive boulders being thrown around, the storm of razor sharp leaves slicing up everything they come in contact to or the constant earthquakes. Those are totally civilian friendly. Not like a champion level pokemon would have any control of the litany of fire moves they have available. They would obviously just indiscriminately blanket the area in an inferno of fire killing everyone immediately.

And then we get to Lucario. The rational behind not using a pokemon that can easily whether the sand is that because Crocodile uses some kind of poison in close combat and Lucas doesn't want to risk the off chance that his steel pokemon with a resistance to poison would be hurt by the poison. I mean, by that logic wouldn't Torterra be even more in danger? Since he's like 10 times the size of Lucario, not to mention much less agile and mobile with none of the innate poison resistance. You'd think that if the barely moveable behemoth wasn't in danger of getting it's poisoned, than surely Lucario would be fine? But no, can't risk it. Because.

The whole battle is just really, really forced to end up with the result you want, Crocodile escaping. There is honestly zero reason for it to happen beyond you bending over backwards to hamstring Lucas, which is exactly what occurred. And it shows.

Sorry about the rant. But I just kept reading and going, 'I can't be the only one who thinks this makes no sense, right?'

As I said, great story, great writing, but the whole battle was a mess that reeked of nonsensical decision making on Lucas' part to justify the ending you wanted. Super frustrating to read.
5/2 c8 AngelFaux
I really like the mention of Lucas checking out the various species in Alabasta. I wonder if he'll pick up some animals to train. The Kung Fu dugons seems like they'd be worth it. It'd be like training a Water/Fighting type
5/2 c8 AngelFaux
Always a treat to see an update. I'm suprised Lucas mention that Alabasta alone is around half of Sinnoh. Wow.

I love the butterflies flapping, or should it be butterfrees? Lol.

From Lucas' team helping build canals to Bentham going with Smoker and Tashigi as parole. It's all so cool.

And I just remembered something, I mentioned this in the Traveler Discord, but it seems fitting here too. Detect seems to function like Observation Haki, if in short bursts. And a Master-level pokemon like Lucario could potentially keep up a constant Detect running for extended periods could mimic Observation Haki.

I wonder who the G-4 would be. On one hand, I want it to go well. On the other I can't deny I'm excited to see the fall out.
4/4 c7 AngelFaux
Always a great treat to see this update, the changes due to the butterflies makes total sense. Things went betrer and worse in ways and I love it
4/3 c7 Ominous Olethros
So Crocodile escaped and both Nico Robin and Mr. 2 have been arrested, while cool, I must wonder how the Straw Hats are going to escape without Mr. 2's sacrifice. Given what happened in this chapter it's safe to say Lucas will join the crew and drag Nico Robin too, in fact busting her out could be his first crime.
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