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9/25 c1 Jose4Andres7
I loved this Tsuna, it is a Dino 2.0 but younger and without the clumsiness, I hope you continue with the story and I'm curious how Daniela became the Queen of Serafall, Sona will be the one who will make Tsuna return to his old self?
9/23 c1 13thDiscipleOfIna
This is pretty good, a mix of DxD and KHR with the elements of DxD causing changes to Tsuna growth, I mean seriously the knowledge that the supernatural exist and you have to maintain connections with them must have made being a mafia boss a lot harder than canon KHR and it wouldn't surprise me if one the major reasons he became a shut-in is Byakuran
9/21 c1 2Black Doberman
i like this knew idea keep it up.
9/19 c1 CrazyFanYaya
love it so much... I've read it in Ao3..I read again here... continue the story please
9/12 c1 DeepMoonSpector
It’s a good start to what seems to be an good story. Both KHR and DXD have very interesting settings, the fusion of both will be very interesting. How you made Daniella a member of Leviathan’s peerage is an unique decision that make your story more interesting. One problem that may come up is that you may make the Vongola Familia subservient to Leviathan. The fact that Tsuna is the boss of a mafia family is one of the big selling points of KHR. I got into it because the story included the mafia. The fact that Tsuna is a big player in the supernatural world is a plot point that you shouldn’t waste. Of course there is nothing wrong with Daniella becoming a member of a peerage, so the Vongola have more connections. Another problem is the plot of the story. Of course if I was wrong about the plot you are aiming for, then just ignore this part. Forgive me if I am wrong but right now the plot is that Tsuna is NEET that has powers that doesn’t like interacting with people. I have many stories with a NEET protagonist that doesn’t like people. It usually ends up with him being “fixed” by his friends or love interests. That kind of plot has been done way too much times and is kind of cliche. So be wary of that.
9/8 c1 Tenma Kirin
Continue, pls!
9/2 c1 Winter Metor
Thanks for the chapter keep up the great work
9/2 c1 CAD270895
I love this story more
I hope tsuna no longer becomes shut in

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