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for Baklava Shinji

10/10 c1 tomdj1701
Well I completely missed the joke.
9/5 c1 Boggers
Nice fic
9/4 c1 marduk-report
I'm completely missing the joke here I have to admit.
9/4 c1 4KaiserDreamCancel
Is the joke supposed be that she called shinji a baka unintentionally?
9/2 c1 Guest
You again.
9/2 c1 48Author0fntent
...I'm kinda lost at the end. What exactly did Shinji take the wrong way? What did Asuka unintentionally say to well, lead to that?
9/2 c1 2Rei-mond Legends
Asuka gets cancelled on Twitter... again.
9/2 c1 12SheriffJohnStone
10/10 μπακλαβά Σίντζι
9/2 c1 10deathbringer374
Dude wut.

All in all, nice. The ending had me thrown off the loop for a sec but to hell with it, I got it in the end. Good oneshot. Now I need to make some Baklava myself.


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