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11/22/2022 c2 dragon slayer of death 98
he should see if he can buy an essence, like essence of grandline for all the devil fruits and haki, or essence of heroic spirit for servants and servant powers
11/19/2022 c2 AshuraNoKami
It's meh both chapters are short as hell. first one is a prologue and second one made no progress. But the biggest dissapointment for me is that it seems you might be a fan of that trash Boruto.
11/19/2022 c2 Krowe Carter
Maybe you should fix the formatting of the chapter. Just a suggestion.
10/2/2021 c2 alexthecoolmac
I'm actually enjoying the mc finding loopholes in the system he was provided, here's hoping the next few chapters will be of similar writing style. thanks
9/7/2021 c1 3XenonKirito
Hey Asim... if you are gonna make this a Gamer fanfic then why bother giving him a time related ability?
Gamers will eventually become overpowered so I literally don't see a point in freely giving your OC a time related ability without reason.

I feel like you don't get the point of the Gamer series.
It should be a slow build up not instant OP on the first chapter.
but you do you I guess. it's your fanfic.
Have you read other gamer related fanfics? you should read them.
9/3/2021 c1 183Qoheleth
Dear Asim:

I'm not sure you're quite clear on what a Supreme Being is.

9/3/2021 c1 Anon
Well MC is already overpowered with Chrono Navigator. I wonder what you would do from here, since MC can already travel time and space without any consequences with just this one item. Not considering that overpowered copy ability.

Eagerly waiting for chapter 2.

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