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for Sons of the Bat - Story Two: I've Got Your Back

1/2 c3 Lord Illyren
Excellent story.
11/16/2022 c3 WhisperinSparrow
Hi. Me again. If you Haven’t figured it out by now, I am reading everything that has your name on it. Well, that I can find anyway. I’ll admit I am not the tech savviest person in the world—probably due to the fact that I lived in the “wilds” of Montana until I was twelve. As in, no tv. A dell computer that was considerate enough to give you enough time to make a cup of tea and fetch some fire wood before it finished buffering. That kind of thing ;).
Honestly, I don’t trust myself to give comments worthy of the writing. Thank you for devoting time to this. I cannot imagine writing something this well. I love all of your works, and I am not even super informed about the DC universe. It was actually only a few years ago that while staying at my grandparents’ house I got a bold (and slightly rebellious) streak and raided their movie stash—Dark Knight, Man of Steel, and Captain America. Should have waited, since as it turned out I was about to be cut loose anyway, and could have introduced myself in good conscience anyway. Such as life. I think I am rambling. Working through a cold by binge reading, so foggy brain doing most of the talking here.
6/21/2022 c3 Prisma19
I also really love this! Poor Jason for seeing Dick like that and having to go through all of that to save Dick’s life. At least he felt better once he found out Dick was ok.

I also love that Dick escaped the hospital to give the Jason the files and that Jason went back to check on Dick because he was worried about him.

I really love that Bruce puts one of his hand’s on Dicks head and one on his chest to calm him.

I also loved it when Bruce and Dick were arguing and that as they were Bruce was helping Dick get out his clothes and I to his PJs, when the nurse came in and Bruce was just like we are good and when Dick was joking around.

I also loved it when all of the brothers came to help Jason and when they helped Jason and when Dick and Jason came up with names to call themselves and when he forced Jason to go the hospital. I love that that in then end Jason chose non of the options and instead he went because of option 3, unconscious due to exhaustion.

You did a wonderful job writing this series and their characters! Thanks so much for writing this! :)
4/7/2022 c2 32Aggie Deneys
Great story! (or rather stories!) You are spot-on with the characters. Hoping you continue - I want to know what Jason decides to do - and how Dick (and the rest of the family) supports him.
12/9/2021 c3 amort182
Really enjoyed this story!
9/27/2021 c3 2Kanny Batmom
I love this little story. As always, you write Dick the way he really is. And, after all these years, you are the best writing about the father/son relationship that Dick and Bruce have. You write what we would love to read in the comics. (They show just a little bit of how important Dick is to Bruce)
I told you before, but I'm so happy that you are back. Thanks for sharing your stories with us. I can't wait for more.
Oh, and your website, I used to go there to see if you added something for some years, until it wasn't available anymore. I'm so glad that you are working on it again. THANK YOU!
9/26/2021 c3 RenesmeVivio
Yaaaay stern big bro Dickie. Boys just hear your big brother when he’s talking, no excuses. Can’t wait to read more about my BatBoys’s life.
9/20/2021 c2 Guest
Keep on! :3
9/18/2021 c2 2EwaFaa
Love the story
9/18/2021 c2 RenesmeVivio
Finished the second part of this series. Loooove it so far soooo please please pleeeeeeeeeeease keep going with it. Loved the way you portraits every character, their feelings, and their interactions with each other. Ahhh it’s just like watching an actual episode of Batman’s life with his inner trust team, his family, his kids. Can’t wait for more.
9/17/2021 c2 13Murdock Calavicci
Awe, some good old Dick and Bruce moments. Poor Dick, taking so much crap for defending his family.
9/17/2021 c2 aqp.gerencia
The story is very well written, and Bruce and Dick's relationship, as always full of disagreements but always the love of father and son, prevails between them.
I hope they can rescue Jason, he is also a son, a wayward son but a son.

Stay safe and happy
9/16/2021 c1 Guest
You're back!
9/15/2021 c1 15Northoftheroad
Yep, therapy sounds like a good idea for someone with problems like Jason! Let's hope he gives it a shot and that Dick didn't go one step too far there!
9/4/2021 c1 Jacoby
So thankful you are back to writing! I love all 4 boys but the relationship between Dick and Jason is my fav! Can’t wait to read more!

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