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for Coby's Choice 2: New World, New Choices

4/15 c62 1Ultimatrix bearer
Jinbe is here woohoo! Not gonna lie the toys being subject the mind wiping just like the non toys is interesting.
4/14 c62 13Power of Magic
Glad that Robin and Zoro (mostly Robin) have figured out how Sugar's powers work, now they just need to find a way to undo what she did. I'd wondered why no one knew who Jinbe was back at Fishman Island, but it all makes sense now. I wonder if this Wyrm guy is someone that the Straw Hats have already fought against or someone new. Looking forward to seeing Luffy's reaction to seeing Sabo, and here's hoping that those in the castle will be able to avoid being caught
4/13 c62 4Goku275
AWESOME! PLEASE keep up the EXCELLENT work. :D
4/13 c62 2Hiremsage00
Forgive my sadism but I personally believe Sugar must have Hamburger time. (Metalocalypse hint).
4/13 c62 2merendinoemiliano
Great mix of comedy and tension
4/13 c62 5Gamelover41592
Excellent work on this chapter
4/13 c62 5Monkey D. Conan
Things are heating up fast. Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
4/13 c62 L81
I love William isn't just a cameo but you also use Tekking's epilogue
4/13 c62 Guest
Parece que Robin y zoro encontraron a jinbei, se dan cuenta de las habilidades de sugar y la verdad de los juguetes en dressrosa, las peleas en el coliseo continúan y doflamingo se enfrenta a dos almirante de la marina, espero con ansias los próximos capítulos de la historia de coby's choice 2 donde ayudan a la familia riku a desenmascarar la verdadera personalidad y las cosas malas que hizo doflamingo hace 10 años atrás, liberar a las personas transformadas en juguetes por sugar, se reencuentran con jinbei y conocen a sabo con el resto de los revolucionarios, espero saber la reacción de monkey d dragon, jinbei y sabo al saber de monkey d Ace, por favor.
4/8 c61 ayubayesha726
When is the next chapter coming ?
3/28 c61 8The Keeper of Worlds
Well, this went MUCH worse for them now and Sanji is gonna be HATING himself for that kick later.
3/25 c61 1Ultimatrix bearer
Sugar continued to be most dangerous character in the arc.

3/24 c61 L81
I find it a little weird That Luffy eat Ucy...

I lvoe when someone has a sleeping power (gaz or hypno) and actually using it, good job Grace!

F Gladius, one of my fav DQF member, sadly you didn"t get a godo fight

Zoro get Robin'ed
3/24 c61 13Power of Magic
Oh boy, looks like Amy is gonna need to come clean and tell the crew that two of Big Mom's daughters are there, who'll most likely try and drag her back to Totto Land. I wouldn't be surprised if Luffy will go and kick Linlin's butt, for trying to take one of his crew members away (unless Sanji is also to marry Pudding, like in the anime)

Glad that Law has his heart back, and I wouldn't be surprised if Dolflamingo sensed Gladius die (or a fruit near Dolflamingo changed into the Rupture Rupture fruit). Lets hope that one of the Straw Hats will be able to defeat Sugar, so that all those turned into toys are changed back (would it be Usopp like in the anime, or someone else?)
3/23 c61 4Goku275
I’m afraid to know what Amy’s deal is. Lol

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