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for Coby's Choice 2: New World, New Choices

10/12 c1 ayubayesha726
Will kaku be paired up with reiju and join the strawhats like jimbei? Also, who will sanji be paired with? Viola Riku or Pudding Charlotte ?
10/11 c4 4Le055Li0n
Nice, loved the discussion about training and why Zoro and Luffy shouldn't train Ace.
10/10 c4 1buterflypuss
good chap
10/10 c4 1SPeCTeR-ll7
That was a great chapter! I loved the scene with Garp and Sengoku, which was both comedy gold and perfectly in character for both of them. One thing I noticed was zoro and his Hali. You said that he has observation down and is struggling with armament, when that was the other way around in canon since his specialty was stated to be armament haki. Was there a reason for the switch or was this a typo?
10/10 c4 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Damn Kaku, pretty self aware.
10/10 c4 xXwolfsterXx644
Can't wait for the next update
10/10 c4 Lord Halcyon
God that is such a Garp move still I can see why Sengoku is utterly terrified Dragon is bad enough, but his equally intelligent grandson carrying the will of D raised by those destined to become masters in their fields the world will tremble before him. Regardless great chapter, the Monkey D family reunion had me in tears for a bit and now the whole crew save Sanji (whose reaction I am eagerly awaiting) has met young Master Ace. So keep up the great work and I cant wait for the next chapter.

-Lord Halcyon
10/10 c4 8Power of Magic
That was a very good chapter, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next one. This chapter had me laughing at times, as I found some of it to be quite funny (especially peoples reactions to Monkey D. Ace)

I think Ace is safe with the Straw Hats, cause if they gave him to someone else to look after him, one of few things could happen; 1: the marines could appear, and take him from whoever is looking after him (either by force, offering them money for him, or telling them who he is and how dangerous he could be in the future), 2: he could be killed or abducted by other pirates or bandits, 3: they won't know if the person/people they give him to are safe and loyal and 4: Ace might try to follow them, and get lost and killed somewhere

Looks like Caribou and his crew are after the Straw Hats. Lets just hope that they don't arrive at Fishman Island, otherwise they might cause some trouble for Luffy and the others
10/10 c4 5Monkey D. Conan
I could totally see Robin inventing curse words in an ancient language just to teach them to Ace. This was deeply satisfying. Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
10/10 c4 3Goku275
10/10 c4 Guest 2
I think I'll re-read this over and over again
10/10 c4 Robotdocter
i hope this means we dont have to deal with Caribou, he literally ruined fishman island arc for me
10/10 c4 4Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter and glad everyone met Ace :)
10/10 c4 10Yellowpikmin88
Man, Sengoku is gonna have an aneurism with all the bombs Garp just dropped on him XD

Luffy meeting his son for the first time was just heartwarming. A true touching family reunion. And while it’s natural for the crew to have their concerns about Ace’s safety, there really is no safer place than the crew now that the go even rent will surely know about his existence. Hopefully Garp will alert the crew of that soon.

They’re gonna meet the kraken soon as well. That should be fun.
10/9 c3 Guest
Hey, I have been wondering about something. While writing this, do you plan on incorporating the post-timeskip movies into the story. If you are adding them, are you going to have characters from those movies join the crew?
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