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for Coby's Choice 2: New World, New Choices

9/25 c29 Turtletipper123
gotta love the monty python reference.
9/24 c29 1buterflypuss
good chap
9/24 c29 8The Keeper of Worlds
And thus, a new dance of death begins anew!
9/24 c29 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Hopefully Ace learns to swim soon, he might be strong enough to save his father.
9/24 c29 11Power of Magic
That was a very good chapter, and I look forward to the next one. Interesting idea to have some of the Marines go rouge and join the Neo-Marines. I look forward to how everyone else will react to the announcement about Ace, and maybe have these people get 12 years younger: Nami, Amy, Brook, Chopper, Robin, Gin, Grace and Coby (up to you if you do them or not, or if you want to do someone different)
9/24 c29 8RisingPluto66 BKA
Wait six warlords? Not seven? Or is that a typo?
9/24 c29 1Ultimatrix bearer
I feel like that piece of paper is going to be important later.

9/24 c29 5Monkey D. Conan
Things are about to kick off big time! Excellent work as always! Can’t wait for more!
9/24 c29 HisSecretLover18
Exciting chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next
9/24 c29 4Goku275
9/24 c29 Javsker
FILM Z is getting closer. I need to see Sabo and Dragon's reactions when they see their nephew/grandson. How will the others react when they see that Kizaru is a woman now? and as for who should go back 12 years, I say Robin, I can already imagine her taking advantage of her new youth to flirt with Zoro
9/24 c29 4Gamelover41592
Excellent work on this chapter
9/24 c29 marijo
Empieza film z dentro de 8 de octubre, me gustaría ver el encuentro de los pirataa de sombrero de paja con z y ver el resto de la reacción del mundo ante su regreso con billy y monkey d ace
9/24 c29 Guest
First the French Taunter, now the Black Knight. What next? I mean, I guess the Laphan represent Caerbannog, so who knows?
9/24 c29 Pikarosee1994
is he going to have the crossover with dragon ball or he has a lesson with torino luffy and goku?
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