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1/30 c2 LouBrasil
Gosto muito da percepção desta Jane.
1/30 c1 LouBrasil
É sempre um prazer imenso reler suas histórias.
1/30 c2 1nanciellen
Thank you so very much for a great story. Hoping the best for you and your daughter with her educational aims.
1/29 c2 Colleen S
This is a great story! "LOST" was excellent too! Must not be easy to publish, no wonder a lot of Authors don't bother! But many people miss out on great stories!
1/29 c2 Shelby66
Wonderful news! Thanks for the update!
1/29 c2 loritahubbard
I'm glad you're publishing this story as well. I'll be glad to add it to my collection.
1/29 c2 ODGODB
Will look forward to buying your work.
1/13 c1 Amanda
Please where do I get access to the full story
Thank you
10/9/2022 c1 crispill
J'ai adoré relire cette histoire, comme j'adore lire et relire toutes celles que tu as écrites. J'aimerais tellement les avoir à disposition. Mille Mercis !
10/8/2022 c31 Amexshell
I loved this story and have read it again before it gets taken down. I have read it numerous times and always fills me with joy. Hopefully one day we can buy them to reread. Well done
10/8/2022 c1 7Glimmer Daireann-Golden Sky
"I know he is a grown man, but I can't help, I miss him very much." - Said by Mr. Gardiner at the end of the third-to-last paragraph.

For the era, it might be more appropriate to say 'a man grown'... and it should probably read 'I can't help it', or 'I can't help but miss him'.

Just some suggestions. :) Looking forward to rereading this!
10/8/2022 c31 Vanillee
Thank you for such a wonderful story
10/8/2022 c31 Hearts-on-top
Beautiful. Loved the story.
10/8/2022 c31 tnet
what's not to like about a caring, handsome, rich, protective cousin with a strong character. Thank you for sharing your lovely story
10/8/2022 c31 Sooty85
Excellent story all round, I loved it !
I just found it and have had to binge read before your cut off date of the 9th and phew I just made it.
Introducing original character into a canon story doesn’t always work but this one worked perfectly, I loved it, thank you !

So, I really loved all your original characters they blended seamlessly with the canon characters especially Jonathan, and who wouldn’t a ‘Jonathan’ in their lives after all ;~D

You are a lot kinder than me though, I would have left Mr and Mrs Bennet end up alone together at Longbourn, rarely seen by the 4 older girls and their families.
Neither deserved happiness, they were appalling parents. They can keep Lydia though.

Lady Cat after her lifetime of cruelty to Anne, alone at Rosings with no power whatsoever . . . . . perfect !
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