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for Asuka's Bad Day 2: Twice Upon a Glizzy

9/5 c1 ghemstro
9/5 c1 Lupeskillz
9/5 c1 Dac2003
This shit is so good that made me a fucking review
9/5 c1 Hoodiebud
The How To Kill A Mockingbird of the 21st century.
9/5 c1 5Nonameasushin
It was nice, but Asuka's Bad Day 1 has something important, love during sex, this is much more like only a blowjob description, I would have loved to read more feelings during the story, and if it had been longer, you guys could have done better character development.
9/5 c1 CaffeineJimmy
9/5 c1 3dsw78
Shinji really is the glizzy gulper. A glizzy gladiator, maybe.
9/5 c1 12SheriffJohnStone
This was beautiful. Just as much a masterpiece as the original, and it recaptures the magic of Slifertheskydragon17’s epic. I’m honoured to be part of such a momentous occasion.
9/5 c1 6TalonEmpire
This is as meaningful as its meaningfulness. I don't know what to say. Good work.

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