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11/1/2021 c9 1conservativegirl
Awww I love this! I hope you do a part three with more moments, this is so sweet :)
10/31/2021 c9 Cindydaly
Another great chapter! I really wish we could see some dating on the show. But at least we have fanfic! And you write them really well.

I loved their first kiss!
10/24/2021 c8 Cindydaly
I absolutely loved this chapter! I would love more like it! You write them really well.

I could really see these conversations happening on the show.
10/11/2021 c6 Cindydaly
I love all of these one shots. They are fun and you write both of them really well!
10/11/2021 c6 conservativegirl
Awww love this! Great update
10/6/2021 c5 BallerinaG
Hi! I’m really enjoying this story! I’ve always liked the thought of Meredith and Hayes together!
9/29/2021 c5 conservativegirl
So cute! Great story :)
9/19/2021 c4 Guest
So cute.
Hope we will get to read about that first drink.
9/12/2021 c3 11L3Writing
love this chapter! what a great way to bond... over choosing ice cream and sadly over missing sisters
9/9/2021 c2 Guest
9/7/2021 c2 Guest
9/6/2021 c1 Guest
Very cute and well written, thank you
9/5/2021 c1 9mandyg67
Very cute. You have a great sense of humor.

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