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1/30 c5 4OriginalMcFishie
I almost didn't read this. it worked so well as a one off that extending it didn't feel warranted. and Yet I loved this, especially Ruby. the trans generation connection was really sweet (32)
1/29 c5 18Alinyaalethia
Ah, the pet solution is excellent, especially with dogs who have whole packs. My pet theory was always that past pets met up in the afterlife and chatted about their humans. Keys the cat is currently in communion with Dougie the show guardian and Riley the retriever. But I like yours lots for narrative reasons. Walter and Ruby is unexpected, but he does need someone who can bring out joy in him, especially after the war.

I also enjoyed seeing the (mis)adventures of the younger Cuthbert. It sort of puts Anne in perspective. She might have drowned the odd mouse in pudding but at least she never ran across bear’s! And as ever you do a lively Matthew voice, one of the best on here I think. And the little farming details bring it to life for us.
1/29 c5 Andrea1984
Walter meets Ruby in Heaven. Why not. Ruby miss Anne so much. Me too.
Ruby did too young.

What the hell, about LMM to let Ruby die ? I never understand that. Do you understand that ?

A wounderful chapter.


1/28 c5 74kslchen
Nice solve there with the pets! This way, there'll be far fewer quibbles in Heaven about who is more loved by the dog!

I never would have thought to pair up Walter and Ruby, but it definitely works on a superficial level. Ruby liked her men handsome and Walter had a thing for all things beauty. Plus, what with his crush on Faith and her and Ruby being both blond and very pretty, the comparisons can definitely be drawn. Anne being weirded out by it at first is understandable, given that they belong to such different periods of her life, but it's nice to see her being accepting at the end.

Marilla and Matthew certainly got into some Anne-worthy scrapes in their youth! It must have been a terrifying experience at the time, but it certainly does make for a good story. I think that's one of the main advantages of your version of Heaven - everyone has all the time to tell their own story, bit by bit.
1/4 c4 Andrea1984
Arme Libby. Möge sie in Frieden ruhen. Oder so ... ;)

Die Beschreibung der Hölle gefällt mir sehr gut.

Herzliche Grüße

1/4 c3 Andrea1984
Susan mit einem Doppeldecker, Miss Cornelia - wo ist ihr Mann? Lebt er noch ? - und wo ist Ruby Gillis ? Ich habe ihren frühen Tod nie verwunden. Sie ist 19 oder 20 Jahre alt geworden, viel zu früh gestorben.

Herzliche Grüße

1/4 c2 Andrea1984
Ein schönes Kapitel, irgendwie. Joy wächst langsam und Anne lernt ihre Eltern kennen.

Schade, dass Gilberts Mutter nicht hier sein kann/darf.

Libby ? Wird sie so genannt oder hast du den Namen erfunden ?

Herzliche Grüße

1/4 c1 Andrea1984
Oh. I cry about this story.

So many characters are dead, but joyned together in heaven.


11/1/2021 c4 6DrinkThemIn
Oh this was so entertaining and you know I was snickering at Rachel! Muahahaha yes, folks, Jesus quite probably was brown and I’m not entirely sure how many Pauls and Matthews roamed the Middle East in them days… I loved that you included our greatest minds bickering and working out our modern-day problems. That was amazing.

This chapter rounded out so many aspects of the story. It’s nice to see the bonds of beautiful afterlife form. And it’s also supremely satisfying to watch Mary Maria suffer!
10/31/2021 c4 audiotrope
This story is fun to read. I liked Mrs. Lynde's thoughts about Americans and gospel music, Walter worrying about climate change, Gilbert and Joy, and Anne and Bertha. The scene in hell was the best, lol. I also liked the three earlier chapters and I look forward to seeing all Anne's friends and kids join them. I like the idea that babies only age when their parents (mother?) arrive.

The only part of the story that doesn't quite fit to me is Marilla not having thought about Jesus' skin color. Even Mrs. Lynde never made the kind of racist remarks that Marilla made in the books, and a lot of the racism that existed back then against those groups she criticized was because of their darker skin and coloring. Even the author said something in an interview about how narrow minded Marilla was. She's a great character but it might have been nice for her to have a learning moment there instead of Mrs. Lynde.
10/31/2021 c4 74kslchen
I like this Heaven of yours more and more! The angels singing songs and updating them according to what's popular on earth is a delightful idea, as is Rachel coming around to gospel despite herself. I also got a good chuckle out of Jesus coming to visit them - and them being too distracted by his appearance to actually listen to what he has to say. I always kind of rolled my eyes at those pictures of a blond, blue-eyed Jesus, because as Anne says, it's just deeply illogical, given the geography. The appearance of some of the greats of history was a fun surprise as well, though I fear there's only disappointment for Walter with his wish that climate change be stopped. At least they're safe up there in Heaven, I guess?
10/31/2021 c4 18Alinyaalethia
Allison Krauss! OzDiva that has genius! All that stuff we batted back and forth and we never once hit on O Brother Where Art Thou but that is the perfect music for shocking Rachel with. And it is very definitely an earworm. Best kind though.

Rachel missing the sermon because she’s too distracted is fun, and the revelation a nice, accurate one. Similarly, it’s fun seeing some of the better known quote unquote heretics make their debut, firmly up in heaven, especially since poor Darwin always gets filed under irreligious when he really wasn’t. Science and faith can go hand in hand and hrs dirt of the original poster child for that.

But then of course you move into the mire emotional stuff if parenthood with the way Gilbert relishes getting more time with Joy and Anne getting that demonstrative parenting Marilla just didn’t feel equipped to do. You really sense a craving is satisfied her. And I like that it’s no one’s fault, it’s just they love differently.

As for Mary Maria, our universal constant really did earn her lot. I love the demon who calls her Lulu for no good reason and tells her that prayer without the sincerity to back it up doesn’t really get you anywhere. It’s the old St Francis misquote, preach the gospel always, when necessary use words. Much you Catholic for Lulu, but a good sentiment.

I do feel a bit bad for Libby, who presumably had her reasons for doing what she did, but you need her here for the story and I would certainly watch the sitcom that is these two sharing living quarters. Besides, I’m pretty sure there’s a commandment about other people’s wives and can accept that breaking one of those Thou Shalt Nots is signed passage to The Other Place.

The birthday bit is brilliant. Clearly Hell has a sense of traditions like any older than time place and it delights mr to think that not only is there a cake every year but every year the demon tells her how old she is!
10/31/2021 c4 4OriginalMcFishie
lots of fun. I love the idea of the free minds of days of yore debating and looking at the climate change crisis Perhaos they can influence some if the thinkers down here.

Hell seems (well) hellish. I wonder if they can redeem themselves through genuine remorse and prayer
10/15/2021 c3 Guest
So enjoyed reading this! Seeing Marilla interact with Anne’s parents did my heart good. But poor Libby Blythe—though good for Marilla and John! I laughed out loud when Marilla came back from the room and Rachel was like, “So?” and Marilla “mhm” and Rachel, “Finally!”

And Susan, being a writer! Of romance novels! After all those digs at Walter for being a poet ;) I loved that spin on her. To think Susan had a secret life no one knew about, and that Anne enjoyed her novels herself! :D

Looking forward to more!
10/15/2021 c3 74kslchen
I must say, I do like your version of heaven. I like how everyone gets their own little spot, reminiscent of their favourite place on earth. It means they don't have to miss out on what they loved on earth and that they can share their spots with loves ones. There's also the opportunity to try new things though, as we see with Susan and her biplane. She wouldn't have flown one herself on earth, but it's perfectly possible in heaven and it's appropriate, too, given the current lack of Shirley. I suppose it'll be a while before he joins them, but they're not short of friends and family. Susan writing romance novels on the sly is a great idea and she's suitably smug about it, too. It really must have pleased her immensely to see others read her novels and it clearly does please her to reveal it all to Anne when she does. I wonder how many more secrets are waiting to be uncovered in heaven?
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