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for The Legend of the Son of Poseidon

10/14/2021 c8 Guest
Really really good so far
10/11/2021 c8 4thompmil000
Isn't Percy a little too OP, are you going to nerf him later or are you going to make his enemies more skilled?
10/11/2021 c8 MrSlendy69
I bet Hestia gives good hugs
10/9/2021 c8 Yosef
I really love this so far and I love how he is selfless and loyal but not stupidly loyal like in some other fanfics and I also love the Hestia and percy relationship (which I hope is like aunt and nephew) because he’s so kind to her and it’s believable because you see them grow their relationship but aside from all that this fanfic is amazing and I see it having a lot of potential even though I will say I’m no expert in fanfic just wanna say that this is great and I’m looking forward to more.
10/9/2021 c8 Ladis11
Holy shit that was awesome ! Love it !
10/9/2021 c3 dvhojrovdmp
Demigods already have superhuman strength and durability;
They dont really need to channel some energy into specific body parts;
These abilities come to them naturally;
Swordfighting and stuff is because of ADHD and dyslexia, etc...
They already are superhuman; so Percy doesnt really need to channel this divine energy to utilise these abilities
10/8/2021 c8 NBAChampion2005
Good chapter! Looking forward to the next one.
10/8/2021 c8 Walter Ha
Small thing you should make Alexander’s thoughts in italics it just makes it easier and smoother to read or just bold them also I really hope you make this longer then the LO I would really like to see the power clash between Jason and Percy anyways great chapter try not to make Percy too OP :D
10/8/2021 c8 ichika aono
I was not expecting the hestia part at the ending , but I greatly enjoy it. I've come to love the mother/aunt like figure of hestia and I love the domains she represents. I only recently with reading other Percy Jackson fanfiction realized just how great she is.
10/8/2021 c8 1Benefic
Now that I’ve completed all the chapters up to this point I thought I’d review again. I must say that I love the story so far. Percy is powerful of course but you are doing it in a way that makes sense. I love that the affiliation with Hestia is a progressive one over time and explained thoroughly. This makes it much more believable. Also although he is clearly ‘overpowered’ for a demigod; I reiterate that he’s not overpowered as a being. This makes it believable, and will also make him being the key component against both Titans, and presumably giants, more plausible than in canon.

Lastly your writing style is excellent. Small and insignificant grammar mistakes aside, the overall tone and organization of your writing is fantastic in my opinion. It’s easy to follow and flows nicely. You offer an excellent amount of details when necessary, but also do not ramble when it’s not needed.

I know this is a lengthy review but I believe in giving praise where praise is due. I hope you also see it as encouragement to continue this excellent piece of work, and not let it fall out of your favor. I eagerly await your next chapter and can’t wait to see what this story brings.
10/8/2021 c8 Byvavavoom
nice chapter
10/8/2021 c4 Benefic
This is an excellent story so far. I’m enjoying it thoroughly. I like the balance between his increased power level and not being too overpowered. He is obviously much more advanced than any demigod of his age has a right to be, but that it to be expected. It doesn’t make him too overwhelmingly powerful as a being, just as a demigod. The added intelligence he has through studying is a nice touch as well.
10/8/2021 c8 2Reddragon God emperor of death
Awesome chapter once again. Quick question will percy name his attacks like earthquake fist or giga impact, and could you please make him use the water dragon jutsu from naruto when he fights Ares(assuming that it will happen).
10/8/2021 c8 1SiriusOrionBitch
Wow, what a chapter! I loved it thank you so much! Fantastic stuff! Take care,

10/8/2021 c8 Bvxtskbrychdbdo
good chapter and the length is really nice as well
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