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for The Legend of the Son of Poseidon

2/7 c47 He11spawn1804
Great chapter as always, HP. I really hope Kymolopeiea helps them train.
Reading this helped me with my grandmother's passing. Thanks HP.
1/31 c45 thingsandstuff13
Definitely appreciate you filling in the gap between the books. Percy Jackson was my favorite YA fiction series, but my biggest complaint was the fact that Percy spent 9-10 months away from camp and not training, despite having to fight monsters regularly even when he isn't on a quest to save the world. Like it legitimately bothered me, so I'm glad you have him using his time better, and also show what he does in that non-questing time.
1/31 c44 thingsandstuff13
1/31 c43 thingsandstuff13
Looking forward to future chaps with more Pertemis moments, I can't wait until it's official
1/26 c46 Immaterium
Well that was a bit weird and creepy...
Anyway I can't wait for " The Hunt for Gods and Titans "
1/24 c30 Guest
Really want to see NYX meet Percy and ‘feel’ him flex Alexander’s domain and his wolf beside him. I wonder how she’d react. Maybe she provides him shelter in a time of need just like she did with alexander.
1/23 c46 Jet22345
waiting for the next chapter
1/21 c46 Guest
I would love to see naruto and athena with the song My Goodbye [EPIC: The Musical Animatic ]
1/16 c46 53Death Fury
Excellent chapter
1/13 c46 HellRaiderS
Loved it perfect chapter keep the updates coming
1/13 c46 Alfiemooon
Percy's "I have to shoulder the whole world alone" attitude is really grating on me. He needs to move past it, and fast.
1/10 c46 Guest
Great chapter, Otis is misspelled as Otus in the second line of the chapter
1/10 c46 Guest
Yo big fan for a long time i support your patreon adventures just as long as you dont give up fanfiction. Don't know why you got so much hate last month for announcing im guessing it's probably because of the way it was written and delivered im guessing a lot of people were expecting an update to be disapointed probably left them in a bad mood and also because it sounded like you were using fanfic like advertisment to make money off of. Honestly i support you i was honestly surprised you didn't try it earlier i kinda expected you to by chapter 23. A question though is the side story on your fanfic canon to this story? And hopefully you make new pjo fanfics or even anime on both patreon and fanfiction good luck haven't read the newes chapter yet ill read it soon.
1/11 c46 Spectre of Chaos
felt like world building/filler chap unfortunatly i know all chapters cant be the exciting ones or there wouldnt be a story
1/10 c46 skotos07
Thanks for posting! Good chapter.
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