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for The Legend of the Son of Poseidon

1/10 c46 12mastercheif1229
Great chapter! I can't wait for the next one!
1/10 c46 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Great chapter
1/10 c46 Nai Darkor
And I would have thought Artemis is his favourite goddess now…
1/10 c46 AmWRAZ
Sure man, what ever suit what you are seeing. I just say what I see in the comment section. And it is not the kindest much less lovely but maybe you got some serious sarcasm going on. Just wanna say I enjoyed reading your book and the HP one too.
1/10 c46 Hxartlxss
good chapter, thanks
1/7 c45 Guest932
Love it so far, however I was wondering if we were ever going to get more insight into Alexander’s relationship with the other gods. Like I understand that his info has been hidden from the mortals, but so far he feels like even the gods forgot him to, besides some very brief mentions from Hestia and Artemis.
1/8 c45 AmWRAZ
I know you delete the chapter 46 when you receive severe backlash but what can I say? You this story so good I ain’t gonna lie. Love all your works thank you.
1/8 c45 NoTredOnSnek
Woah. Another ghost update on top of the patreon blip?
1/7 c45 tristen34bussey
Other than that nice story
1/7 c45 Rebell 01
Great work. Thank you for your work.
1/7 c45 Tartarus0884
First the fake notification for your patreon and now another fake update. Very Frustrating tbh
1/7 c45 daniel.santiago.4545
1/5 c37 Torhelm
Story kinda went to shit after that Nemesis interaction. You had Percy literally steam roll through every enemy so far and the first loss he has you just gloss over and forget. He has basically no feeling at all about losing that fight. Every chapter after that is just aggravating to read.
1/5 c30 Torhelm
Damn, this chapter sucked.
12/27/2023 c46 Aimlessamo
I like this story, but it's the only story of yours I read (I'm not really into Harry Potter), so 5-6 dollars minimum (my currency) a month for maybe a couple chapters isn't worth it for me.

Good on you for wanting to get something out of your work and I'm not gonna go into the whole gray area thing about monetizing a fanfiction, I think other people have covered that. But yeah, I guess good luck with that. I'll still be waiting for updates, it doesn't matter if other people get it earlier than me.
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