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for The Legend of the Son of Poseidon

1/5 c30 Torhelm
Damn, this chapter sucked.
12/27/2023 c46 Aimlessamo
I like this story, but it's the only story of yours I read (I'm not really into Harry Potter), so 5-6 dollars minimum (my currency) a month for maybe a couple chapters isn't worth it for me.

Good on you for wanting to get something out of your work and I'm not gonna go into the whole gray area thing about monetizing a fanfiction, I think other people have covered that. But yeah, I guess good luck with that. I'll still be waiting for updates, it doesn't matter if other people get it earlier than me.
12/24/2023 c13 Guest
Why not brain child, would be sort of cute.
12/24/2023 c12 Guest
I like how you made your own prophecy to follow your story the story
12/24/2023 c12 Guest
I like how you made your own prophecy to follow your story the story
12/24/2023 c12 Guest
tu pouvez parler le francais?
12/23/2023 c46 4BROMBROS
So, I will get to possibly get to smile and enjoy your stories in 02/02/24 going by your Author's Note since the economy doesn't give me extra cash to read. So instead of being happy, I will be depressed.
12/23/2023 c1 Manan Kothari
Enjoyable, Feel-Good read. Not nearly enough to pay for considering it’s fanfiction or to watch someone illegally monetize. Unfollowed.
12/22/2023 c46 Gatshicenteri
please stop shilling your illegal monetization of fanfiction, due to the dubiously legal nature of fanfiction to begin with, every person making money off it offers one more chance for a court case that would end it altogether
12/21/2023 c46 2AvidReader2425
Subscribed, hope that helps a bit, thanks for all the hard work
12/21/2023 c46 cloudstrife117
And that is how you get unfollowed.
12/21/2023 c46 8nasapeepolover116
you know I don't know how I found your Patreon before you announced it
12/21/2023 c46 Tartarus0884
Disappointing to see this instead of a new chapter. I hope you find success with your patreon though I only read one of your stories, so will not be joining it. You should be aware that this is legally a grey area.
12/21/2023 c46 Regtech
Personally, i dont have any issues with you making a patreon, but having other people dictate your story writting will severly affect the quality of your stories. Taking ideas and feedbacks is one thing, but asking straight for direction is kinda iffy.

Also, maybe not make a whole update regarding you making a patreon? The amount of hope getting crushed feels bad. Better make it the start or have it at the end of a new chapter
12/21/2023 c46 1grvest
Please don't make this mistake. writing for a commission is one thing and something understandable when you're asked for something specific. The patreon thing is cringe.

Fanfiction is a wonderful legal gray area held up solely by the fact that no money is made off of cannibalizing and using parts or all of unowned intellectual property. The law will never be on your side in this issue.

If and I do mean a very big if you keep going down this path then your best hope is to put out original work that is your intellectual property, this is basically how fanartists can skate by on patreon because they can argue that their supporters are paying for original work and the fanart is just a fun bonus.

Fanfiction is a great thing, one of my biggest and most consistent time sinks over the past 15ish years. I do not want to live through/see another purge and watch all kinds of great work disappear just because of greed.

If you want to monetize your writing, go for it, you have a talent. Put out overall consistent quality work. I've been following your work for almost two years, I first found you when you had about 16 or 17 chapters of this fic posted back in January of last year. You can definitely do it, I've seen quite a few fanfic authors make the jump to just authors.
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