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for Kitsune House Gremory

8/8 c1 Tsukoblue
This is a good plan and choice for Naruto’s harem but please keep it to only Naruto and DxD characters
2/19 c1 Guest
If u think jiraiya and kakashi deserve more bashing than sasuke this story is not even worth reading bruh
9/28/2021 c1 Borello
really interesting idea. i hope to read more chapter.
9/23/2021 c1 outcastmike
I'm looking forward to see what will happen
9/12/2021 c1 Apophis
I am sorry if I sound terrible..and I mean I am really sorry...But why do you not have any creativity. Narutos Peerage is Trash and USELESS! Xenovia isnt worth a Mutant Piece at all...Rossweiss is ok...Mittle should be dead..she is useless. Give him some OP charcters like Karna, Sesshoumaru, maybe even Yugi as a Son of Aten. Also why do you give Naruto only trash and ugly Women as a Harem? Compared to Sasuke and Ise he got the trash! I mean dont change but give him some better ones (just not Grayfia, please!)
9/12/2021 c1 natsu00
for the harem of naruto you had to replace sona sitri with kuroka seen sona fits more perfectly with sasuke than naruto and kuroka is a little the same as naruto for some things after you had to replace asia, irina and exnovia seen they go more with issei then asia will be plus naruto's little sister and puts raynare and kalawarner seen naruto can forgive more easily than issei because issei know is killed by them and we see in anime he does not forgive, naruto harem will be kuroka, raynare, kalawarner, rossweisse, mittle, for the 3 others in her harem her serai irene tiamat, boa hancock, saeko, yugao or erza and for her group, her will be better irene as queen or bishop, after tiamat saw she saw a noble heart in naruto and her will be queen, rook or pawn, rossweisse bishop, then raynare, kalawarner and mittle who will be a pawn for each, you can put boa hancock in a rook, kuroka as bishop as a knight you can put Saeko Busujima with sacred equipment like katan is from yamato (dmc) and erza or yugao from naruto and she will also have a sacred equipment created by Azazel but you can put yugao in pawn after I can give you other advice to help you
9/12/2021 c1 ZhenieQT
I think it's better if you switch Issei and Naruto's harem. Issei still having both Rias and Akeno on his harem is just so repetitive. Meh just my two cents though.
9/11/2021 c1 atengawchok
I would prefer Akeno in Naruto's harem. Don't care about the rest. I always thought Naruto and anko are always funny together. With Akeno being with Naruto will atleast makes it better.
9/11/2021 c1 gaby11
I'll wait to see how it unfolds
9/11/2021 c1 Vercingetorix Rex
Asia and Irina were better with Issei, they’re better girls for him.
9/11/2021 c1 Habu2010
Please continue
9/9/2021 c1 Midoriya D. Izuku
Good luck with your story. Hope you will update soon
9/8/2021 c1 volcasiron30
i thought it was a chapter you has fool me good i guess I'll have to wait for the next updated chapter to start.
9/8/2021 c1 1Venelana-sama
Wow, talk about click bait. You actually had me there for a second. It's rare to see Naruto AND Sasuke in the DxD universe. (
9/8/2021 c1 1Zipzapdoowoop
Oh God no. No, no, no, no, no, no. No. Please Do NOT make a peerage. Please no. Him becoming a servant is so OoC, especially for 12 year old Naruto. He would be the one to hate that most.

And don't get me started on Sasuke. Did you forget how angry and bitter he was when he learned Itachi, Orochimaru, and Obito manipulated him? It made him feel like a slave, so I don't see how this would be any different.

Please, for your sake, don't make this mistake.
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