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for One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth

11/18 c10 8CoSmO333
this is great! I love ur writing
10/8 c10 BlindFaunusGirl
Interesting story and a good read thus far. I am looking forward to seeing what you have in store next.
6/26 c10 Fifiotoole
Super story , can't wait for more
6/26 c10 2crimson hearts
so glad to see an update and excited things seem to be getting more settled for them. I cant wait to read more.
6/24 c9 bouncey
SnapeThe Ministry used the Great Fire of 1666 to hide the magical quarter!"

Binns floats into view. "Actually, the Ministry was formally started in 1707, 41 years after the fire. However, there was indeed magical government before then. Magical leaders saw the opportunity created by the fire (and similar disasters elsewhere in Europe) to give the community some privacy. This allowed enough separation for the Statute of Secrecy to become feasible 20 years later. About 20 years after the Statute, the British magical government had grown enough in scope and influence to merit a revision in form and name without losing continuity. So Mr Snape is essentially correct, even if he describes the process with slightly anachronistic terms.

Class, write 24 inches of parchment about the changes in magical London from 1666 to 1707, due Tuesday next week."

JuniperWhat's an ack-ron-is-tick?"
6/24 c10 Dark Angelx1992
I kinda like the fact that the German wizarding quarter is accessed through a cemetery; people would be busy grieving their loved ones or avoiding the place altogether and no one would notice wizards coming and going too much.

I love how Snape is slowly learning how to communicate with a little kid that does not understand half of his superior vocabulary. Also, how he tried to distract her before she was completely overwhelmed by her surroundings was quite impressive for someone who has no experience with little kids.

Also, the seamstress poking Snape with needles because she assumes he is not taking proper care of Juniper was gold.
6/23 c10 7udkudk
Great chapter
6/23 c10 Loremaster912
Hmm, I wonder if Juniper is a legilimens?
6/23 c10 JohnMonty
Good chapter! When Snape went to inspect the paper I was expecting to see his blank expression on the front cover. Though I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet, Amelia and the DMLE knows she's missing and from what's been witnessed in other fanfics and the movies is that the Ministry isn't short of motormouths. I'm guessing the Aurors in the know have been made to take A magic oath of silence or end up obliviated or something. Not sure if you went into detail about Snape's new wand, what wood and magic core is it made from? It's been A while since I read all the previous chapters so I can't recall if you went into detail about it. Looks like they will be staying in Germany for the forseeable future. Guess it will make it easier for them to blend in and perhaps make it harder Dumbles self-righteous light wizards to blend in. Will he be staying there permanently or decide to go to another country like Czech Republic, Russia, United States. Further away from Britain and Dumbles the better. Looking forward to reading more! Update soon!
6/23 c1 Mikeblade
if harry is female in this why do you have her going to a male only school shit story
5/4 c9 Sonnenschein2407
I love parent-Snape and fem!Harry stories. Here I got both in one! Thank you so much for sharing!
4/13 c9 monkeybaby
Lovely chapter!
4/1 c9 Inhdrae
The love i have for this buding father/daughter relationship its totally disproportionnate, its insane! Its such a funny combo and so realistic at the same time! Like you just have a talent bringing Snape personnality alive in your stories, and here is not an exception, si Jim being him but at the same time trying to work around Harry's trauma. And Harry being a traumatised and scared kid, but still having that child curiosity about live. i just love it.
i smiled so hard reading that sentence about Harry's reaction toward the word "gross" because i could visualize it so easily.
i really liked that chapter and i'm impatient to read what comes next.
Thank you for sharing your story and sorry for the mistakes english is not my mother tongue and my phone is on auto-correct and thats not à good combo
3/31 c9 11Nanchih
Odd choice only in that cemeteries don't get large amounts of traffic even in the daytime. There must be more entrances, which he can locate from inside. Probably subway entrances in busy streets since this district seems to be underground. Extra subway stops or stations the mundanes don't notice? Basement entrances in busy stores that look like extra elevators in a row of them?
3/31 c9 JohnMonty
Great chapter! Glad that Snape finally found the magic quarter, will he buy himself A spare wand there along with potion ingredients and potions? Suppose anything he can't buy he can break-in and steal the following night. A stealthy Legilimence probe into the shopkeepers minds would tell Snape what kind of defences the shop has for him to work around. Hopefully Mad-eye and the order won't track him down before he can get his supplies and A little breathing room before he hops onto the train to the next city or ferry to the next country. Any idea on when the little Potter will be aged up or how many chapters in it will be before she is old enough to attend Durmstrang? Hope she will be of-age when or if the Tri-Wiz Tournament comes around. Don't want Dumbles knowing were she is before she's of-age, or ever for that matter. Hope that Snape teaches her the Mind Arts at an early age and discovers the Horcrux in Potter's scar and is able to get rid of it but that Potter keeps the Horcruxes knowledge and memories. Great fanfic looking forward to reading more! Update soon!
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