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for One for Sorrow, Two for Mirth

2/18/2022 c3 2Jan-AQ
Yikes! Woah!

Holy cow I did not expect that.

First, the infection and injuries are ghastly. Just terrible.

I can see why Snape feels so compelled to really make sure she never goes back and to actually protect her.

Setting fire to his own residence is wild! Nice!

Wow, fantastic events and development in your story so far. I am hooked.
2/18/2022 c2 Jan-AQ
I love the name Juniper. So flowery and unique. Dang, Poor kid though, I'm so glad Snape came to investigate even though it was just some unexcused absences.

Very powerful ending saying she is just as insubstantial as she was all those years ago. Yikes! Very powerful. Great writing.
2/18/2022 c1 Jan-AQ
Can you imagine a 3 month old actually eating a chocolate frog? Oh Sirius. XD

Ugh the ending of this chapter though, Pulling on the heart strings!

I added your story to the Potions and Snitches group on fanfiction dot net some time ago. You hopefully will get more reviews from that.

I'm inviting you to the Potion and Snitches website online as well. It's Potions and Snitches dot org. We are Snape and Harry Gen Fics. There is also a discord. It's all full of Snape and Harry Gen writers and readers. You'd be very welcome.
2/16/2022 c8 JohnMonty
Great chapter! Poor Snape, I smiled thinking of the look of horror on his face when he thought he would have to bathe Juniper. Glad this fanfic got updated as I've been waiting patiently for A while to read more of it. Any idea when the fanfic will be picking up speed? How will Potter stay A four or five year old before jumping forward to her eventual start of Durmstrang? Will Juniper end up being A prodigy? Will she grow to be A powerful witch in Voldemort and Dumbles league giving time? Will she be well versed in the Mind Arts like Snape. I hope so to all. I reckon her return to Britain will happen when the Tri-Wiz Tournament rolls around. It would be better if she was of-age and in her final year of Durmstrang when this happens so she can not be under the old goats thumb. Would be A great chance for Potter to show her skills if she was to enter it, kick Hogwarts pathetic ass and embarrass Dumbles and Britain who arrogantly believe Hogwarts is the premier magic school of the wizarding world. Any thoughts in bringing in more schools to compete and making A new competition for the schools to compete against each other? Any thoughts on when Snape gets his wand he has the wandcrafter make one for Juniper? Hope he atleast gets one for her to use A few years before starting school like when she's atleast eight. Great chapter and fanfic, looking forward to reading more! Update soon!
2/15/2022 c8 Dark Angelx1992
I'm so going to hell for laughing at the imagined horror on Snape's face when he realizes that he may have to bathe the kid.
Seriously though, you depict he trou less of being suddenly thrown into the role of parent/guardian really well.

Also I love that you have considered Germany and how its wizarding community would look with regards to the historical context. I do built this world up way better than Rowling, well done!
2/15/2022 c8 2crimson hearts
thank you for the update, I want to read more, more, more. I feel like each chapter we only get a few steps farther in the story. its probably from me always binge reading, now reading current stories being updated has left me wanting more. still love it so can't stop even if I tried. hope you have lots of inspiration and time to update more. I am so excited for this story. thanks.
2/15/2022 c8 srosegarden
Poor Snape...Poor Harriet...things just keep getting worse and worse for them.
Wonderful chapter though!
2/4/2022 c7 11Nanchih
He may not know where the train is going, but surely his tail can figure it out. I am surprised he got the drop on Moody, of all possible choices.
2/4/2022 c7 Caver Floyd
Great chapter. I loved all the interactions between Snape and Potter.
2/4/2022 c7 Dark Angelx1992
Omg, I can't believe Snape ran straight into Moody, what rotten luck! But the good thing is he managed to get away.
This is probably the most exciting Severitus fic I have come across. I still have to mention how great it is that you portray Snape as clueless when it comes to children, like him realizing that he actually has to teach her manners, he can't be sarcastic with her all the time and he shouldn't use difficult words when addressing her.
I'm really curious to see how he'll adjust to his new situation, especially with such limited access to polyjuice
2/4/2022 c7 Inhdrae
i love the ending author notes so much XD XD XD
where are they going to go now? I'm si curious and impatient to read what comes next! Juniper is si realistically describded and funny !
thank you for sharing your story !
2/3/2022 c7 2crimson hearts
so glad to see the update, I loved it. damn dobby and his meddling. but he doesn't know any better, heck maybe later he will realize his mistake and actually help them. anyways that was a close call for them and I felt so anxious of them being caught but I had to reassure myself that she goes to durmstrang so they must escape some how. hope to read more again soon. thanks.
2/2/2022 c6 crimson hearts
oh how I have grown to loathe Dumbledore more and more with each new story showing his complete disregard for child abuse and his actions all but saying please continue. I hope that the world learns of what happened that Snape is cleared of wrong doing and that they turn on Dumbledore for what happened. obviously there needs to be drama before then but I hope it will eventually happen. I absolutely hate to see him get away with it all the time. either way I will still read I just hope well to have hope that things will turn out well. I cant wait for more updates. thank you.
2/2/2022 c5 crimson hearts
I only have one more chapter left to read and I just know I will be sad even if I know it's coming. i hope you update again so we can read more. love it.
2/2/2022 c2 crimson hearts
so glad they were just eliminated right then and there.
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