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1/21 c1 XenoLucifer
Whatever Anubis is saying is just an opinion, it's his opinion but it's not fact. Just write what you want to write, as long as it doesn't completely destroy the world you're writing about with contradictions or has absolutely sequence destroying poor grammar then it will be a decent or good story.

Don't let people force their version of a perfect story on to you just because it's what they would want, though if you see good ideas you might as well see if they can be incorporated.
1/13 c27 TigrezzTail
Oh, poor Kimi, that is an awful way to go. Kabuto didn't get half of what he deserves, but that'll have to wait for his afterlife. Sweet time for Kakashi to discover his hidden power!
1/6 c8 anubis1650
I think the premise of the story is good and the writing is not bad at all either but I can already see this having the same problem as a lot of op fanfics that you will hit the power ceiling very early on after that op fic are not very fun. I would suggest you take me out the Sharingan because jinchuriki with Shadow clone already makes for a very powerful learning and combat ability. I would also suggest that you start putting the brakes on him I saw a very good opportunity with the chakra control and him wanting to perfect it you could have had him Focus a lot of time on chakra control years to get him out of the academy without making him to Op given the fact that is large chakras Reserves would make it extremely difficult even with the shadow clones. Physical training could also be another break you can put in cuz it takes time and dedication as well as you might not be able to put too much physical training into early childhood. med jutsu is
possible good break to put on him given the fact that it's not just the skill and knowledge but the experience as well plus u usually need a teacher and a good one at that.
1/6 c26 TigrezzTail
Cool and creative battles.
12/21/2022 c2 Guest
Can’t he just turn off and on the sharingan or because he can’t control his chakra without chakra control. He just can’t turn them off.
11/25/2022 c1 Guest
Ah, the infamous fox hunts. A good indicator that the author has no creativity, deciding to instead write something so generic and unrealistic. Please, do everyone a favor and never write again.
11/25/2022 c1 Guest
Ah, the infamous Nine-Tails Hunt. Always a good indication to drop the story since the author can’t come up with something original.
11/13/2022 c1 WirelessDown
plot plot complete trash. Why would Kurama stop a guy from committing suicide? as far as we know, Kurama will just respawn after some time. This is his ticket to freedom. In the original, Naruto had to show himself as a stubborn, hardworking, generous and loyal person. well, not only that, but also really start doing something in favor of the biju. then and only then did Kurama actually acknowledge Naruto as his partner and not as his jailer. before that, he voluntarily gave chakra only in an hour of extreme need. The fox is embittered and his feelings/thoughts are very dark. therefore, your story about how Kurama helps the jailer, who is essentially unfamiliar to him, to be killed is extremely implausible. Just put yourself in Kurama's place. At first, for centuries, they hunted you more and more, and in the last century they completely put you behind bars, calling you a demon, a monster (remember Mito and Kushina), and when there was a chance to escape, he was mercilessly stopped by the sharingan. in such a situation, looking from the position of Kurama, in my opinion, it doesn’t matter if the kid is killed or not. the main thing is to be free.
8/27/2022 c2 midnightscar17
I thought Kakashi was dog and yugo was cat
8/19/2022 c20 Guest
Hey your story has a lot of mistakes but it's still really good just a recommendation you should try and get a beta also I look forwards to more Naruto storys from you great job
8/4/2022 c3 amavgupta0
bro kyuubi chakra is potent and even if they are friends he will have hatred in his chakra so he should not have access to Kcm before overcoming his dark Half which is there in everyone especially in naruto because of his treatment
8/4/2022 c2 amavgupta0
well Kushina and mito also treated him as a monster or a beast that should remain chained down especially Kushina saw her seal like spikes were penetrating his tail felt very bad for him
7/24/2022 c2 Deathlord 1
You mixed up tomorrow and yesterday during the Hokages apology. It happened the day before so was yesterday.
7/22/2022 c21 3Yuzuki476
Looks like team 7 is itching for a fight against sound team.
7/19/2022 c1 GymNatty321
Naruto is already the most powerful ninja to ever exist in canon, trying to committe suicide won't delete his genetics/reincarnation/demon inside me powers.
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