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6/13 c2 Bored321
Skipped most of this, as it seemed little different than the usual "Naruto decides to become awesome and ventures forth to the 'Shinobi Library' to absorbs its contents through osmosis. Would've been better to recap it all, rather than scene by scene.

Points for not broadcasting Kakashi's identity with the imfamous 'Dog ANBU Mask". A breath of fresh air.
6/13 c1 Bored321
A mixed start.

Naruto comes as nothing like how a five-year-old behaves or talks. He should've either been aged up, or never have had his age disclosed in the first place.

Naruto having the Sharingan comes out of nowhere, and makes little sense. It's fun, sure, but any semblance of balance was immediately annihilated beyond hope of return with the Haxigan's addition.

The premise, as well as what happens later, is intriguing, so I'll stick around for that, however.
6/9 c1 Guest
Please give naruto a harem.
6/9 c20 djsmall565
Good chapter but the English was still very rough. Ask your Beta reader to double check English grammar and sentence structure. But love the story. Keep up the good work.
6/9 c20 3Yuzuki476
I seriously want to kill that disgusting bastard mizuki.
wow you have made naruto evil
6/4 c19 mkmayank8090
It was a very good chapter
6/3 c19 Phantom Wolf Of The Shadows
love it very intriguing story so far
6/2 c1 7Its5Oclock-Somewhere1
With having changed Kurama so he doesn't hate all humans, I could see this playing out. That seen from episode 257 is one that I have wanted to use in a story of mine as well. I liked the filler exploring Naruto's desire to know who his parents were and it's nice to see it used here.
6/1 c19 Wolf FallenSerpent
Maybe it was Iruka?

The rape was a little too much, could have just said that the burglar killed her.
6/1 c19 3Yuzuki476
Am glad that zabuza and haku-chan are alive and join konoha and I want to know which lowlife would do something so evil enough to kill Rui's mother?.
5/14 c18 Yuzuki476
Thank god that naruto saved team kakashi and zabuza and Haku joined konoha.
5/14 c18 3Sefera
Very Good! I’m favoriting this, and look forward to seeing more in the future, should you choose to continue it :)
5/11 c1 M1stymix
what episode did hiruzen treat naruto like that?
5/11 c17 3Yuzuki476
I hope that Rui will be alright.
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