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4/17 c16 3Yuzuki476
Good job with this chapter but I hope that konoha discover akatsuki and orochimaru plans soon.
3/18 c15 Yuzuki476
Good job with this chapter but am sad that children and women and elders were killed and naruto and itachi and shisui and kakashi did well against orochimaru.
3/18 c2 taiwoeretan1
Is it Gojo from JJK?
3/13 c14 2Xerzo LotCN
Well this went from an interesting fic to not interested fic

Why would the accept a mission to kill a non corrupt Daimyo of a neighboring land from a corrupt business man
they would investigate first and probably reject it or try and counter it to make the country indebt to them
That be more a mission danzo would take as an evil scumbag
They just caused the tragedy of wave not a fan

Idc about the oc evil criminal group or scum oc blood control clan whatever bit extreme but if they are evil fine especially leaving someone like a sasuke be stupid so all dead
(or theoretically they could to be bit darker take younger ones or civis mind wipe or trick by claim to save the survivors and claim to have killed the culprit and get the bloodline into the village)
3/13 c14 3Yuzuki476
Well done with this chapter.
3/12 c13 bastidaswilliam2005
Well if you going to introduce a villain oc at least make easy for us to imagine him like akainu from one piece with lava release
3/9 c5 iamshinydragonmist
loving this so far though I think something cool you could do later if you haven't already is to cause a bit of his hair to revert back to blond. so that Naruto can have a white blonde mixture like those fics where he has a red blonde mixture. but that's just cause I think it would look cool. I am loving this story so far.
3/9 c13 Xenozip
The only problem with OC villains is that you can never make them too powerful, because it ends up detracting from the already known threats.
3/8 c13 2Xerzo LotCN
I haven't even watched demon slayer and i figured that was a reference to it cause ive seen memes of the guy doing that lols

Also on ocs id honestly prefer it not happen
But if an oc has to happen id prefer it a bad guy or something minor not someone important
Also how would a random oc replace sasuke he have to have similar reason and have something snakepedo wants exactly like he wanted something from sasuke ie his bloodline
Or it literally mean nothing and him having those reasons wouldn't make it interesting
3/8 c13 3Yuzuki476
Amazing job naruto.
3/8 c13 shapeshifter340
great story continue as soon as possible please looking forward to seeing what happens next chapter
3/3 c3 Xenozip
I completely agree, Kurama's chakra was corrosive because of his hatred, when naruto and him became friends, it was no longer toxic. Otherwise everyone naruto transferred a chakra cloak to would've died immediately.
3/1 c12 GreekArena
So far the story is really good . And i have to say that the chapters are perfect for me , not too big not too small. Continue the good work.
2/28 c12 2Xerzo LotCN
I was hoping he would catch the snake pedo butt servant
at least they know he has a plan in the works to send a minion to infiltrate so maybe they can shore up stuff who knows

To bad Naruto got so sidetracked almost did it in under 10 mins that be an impossible score to be without flash markers placed prior
Oh well

So id say Naruto is above jonin levels cause kabuto was able face off against the rusty former anbu kakashi (though why he let himself get rusty idk)
2/28 c12 3Yuzuki476
Good job naruto.
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