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2/25 c11 biginferno
very interesting story I am hoping Naruto is paired with Tayuya, Samui,Temari, Shizuka or Ino hopefully but I hope she's a strong kunoichi at least if not one of those girls besides Ino who isn't isn't
2/25 c11 3Yuzuki476
Good job with this chapter and am hoping that sasuke and itachi join naruto team .
2/25 c11 2Xerzo LotCN
Some nightmare he probably need therapy lols also definitely needs love and tons of it

Well at least he collect their bodies so they can have a proper burial
also get kiri village secrets from that murders body lets go
Assumedly keep or bargain with kiri for the sword

So god speed from hxh
So it is better then the 4th raikage lightning armor which does the second step but not as well but it does make him the 2nd faster Shinobi 3rd now i guess especially when Naruto learns the flash

So its the start of snakepedo 7 or so year konaha crush plan
But hopefully naruto can stop it Early lols
2/18 c10 Xerzo LotCN
Im going to say honestly dont like naruto with white hair pretty bland and boring bit overdone not really cool
So many people have white hair and besides a few they are mostly evil same with other anime characters not always but often enough
It been better staying blonde or going red or even both colors in a cool pattern
Or if it had to become white at least a reason beside suddenly he so stre6s d enraged it happens bit stupid and didn't make sense
Like if kakashi had adopted him he want his hair color changed to match him so he feel more liek family
But oh well white isnt bad it is cool but im just like why do it besides edge lol

I am sad neither of his dad or moms chakras got sealed in him to talk with them
But I am glad he had both halfs i honestly thought it stupid he didn't made no sense to split it nor that minato could hold it sure it was just for it to be given to him later or after kyuubi got taken but it probably would have thrown his chakra out of balance lol

I like how strong he got also hopefully he has both reincarnated of the brothers maybe the sage himself

Also im glad the Uchiha thing got settled
take that danzo no numerous sharingans for you no numerous lifes defying deaths
The village doesn't get weakened and sasuke doesn't become scum i guess
Also unless it undercover itachi doesn't have to leave the village dubbed evil and have to join the bad guys and eventually somehow get an illness and die

Well one thing i had wanted to say mei chan probably should have been named mai chan
as mei chan is the kage of kiri after the bloodline war is settled
But you just killed her
which i think she didn't have to die she could have dodge or substitute
it made more sense the guards and carriers die but oh well

Also ebisu died and the other oc bummer
canon ebisu was kinda trash but you made him here a bit better person so it is kinda sad

Obviously as said Naruto could have done so much better for the team to survive
Oh well team wipe so he either is sideline permeantly maybe goes into anbu idk or until gets a new team or gets an apprenticeship by some high rank even pervy sage i guess
Hopefully his next team if he gets one is actually characters not ocs
In also really hopefully they are females that be genin or could be at this time that are later chunin or special jonin or jonin

I was, when it was said a mission to land of grass, hoping
hey grass maybe he can meet and save karin maybe even her mom if it is early enough
sure she is from a subline but she still uzumaki even if Naruto is the only mainline left
But still family they probably arent even that blood related close enough to even matter
(so if it was harem she could be a waifu later)

But nope
at least the lil princess lived
probably has a crush on naruto from both befriending her and saving her life and will definitely want to be friends with the village cause he finished his mission and saved land of rivers

But im surprised he got the blood cleaver i guess it was slightly before zabs got it guess he wont have it if he rebels and takes haku
But if he doesn't take haku they (i refuse to believe they are a guy but it can be whatever is needed for the fic) will die

Maybe he can even deal with wave early who knows but hopefully he is the one dealing with it later either way not later team 7

Im curious what the other bloodlines he has is i wonder if he has senju blood thus the mutation wood make
Also what the crossover based bloodline is i hope it isnt anything stupid or overly edge lol and it can fit Naruto universe

Speaking of pairing i hope it can be Naruto x harem he deserves all the love
also last of his clan or clans needs to not let them die out lols
Also i just hate side pairings
2/9 c10 Guest
i like the story please update soon. also naruto should sighn the fox contract or sabertooth tiger contact.
2/11 c10 kgarz01
To be honest, this chapter was pretty meh. Also the whole Founder Sharing an thing is just a copout.
2/9 c10 1yuzukikuran476
Poor naruto he lost his team.
2/9 c10 3Orchestra Of Order
:( Well done story thus far, but it's sad.
2/9 c1 xavex
Honestly I assumed Kurama's dad would convince him in some miracle or something, while at the same time assume Minato would question 'WTF' inside the seal at the moment knowing his son is aiming to kill himself. By the way, assume the lock in the seal is nonexistence or is there, but has some condition as movie contradictions(road to ninja) and such comes to play. Well AU, so its a given I guess...
1/5 c9 Mayank Tejas
it was quice good bro
1/5 c9 Kingofsenju
This chapter was great From the humor through conclusion
1/5 c9 shapeshifter340
great new story chapter continue as soon as possible please looking forward to seeing what happens next chapter
1/5 c9 3Yuzuki476
Thank god that uchiha clan are alive.
1/2 c8 Yuzuki476
Yes uchiha clan still going to be alive thanks to naruto.
12/25/2021 c8 shapeshifter340
interesting story continue as soon as possible please looking forward to seeing what happens next chapter of this story
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