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10/11/2021 c4 3thtadthtshldntb
Naruto does not look a lot like Minato. In the manga they use the same template for Naruto as for Kushina (or more accurately when Kishimoto started drawing Kushina he based her on Naruto as a template). Naruto is almost literally a male clone of Kushina with Minato's hair and Minato's eye color. Kishimoto has also confirmed that in real life way back in the day. I think the anime.

As to why no one even thought that he might be Minato's kid, originally in the manga Naruto was not his kid. That was something that Kishimoto decided later sometime around when he was plotting events out as he was writing the Chunin Exams.
10/1/2021 c3 Mayank
this was a long awaited chapter
thanks for writing such great story with hardwork and humour also
i am looking forward to seee more chapter

again thanking you
10/1/2021 c3 thtadthtshldntb
The way that the cloaks work in canon is that there are four (well I suppose you could say more than four if you count KCM2Sage and then Sage of Six Paths cloak, Hokage Naruto cloak and so on but those are Naruto specific).

The stage 1 cloak is just being surrounded by the chakra of your tailed beast. It's what Naruto did against Haku. This is where the jinchuriki's emotional state and the threat to his or her life causes the se. Naruto also uses this against Orochimaru in the Forest of Death.

The Stage 2 cloak is when the Jinichuriki is when the Jinchuriki is drawing the power through a closed seal and when they are not in harmony with their tailed beast. This is the cloak Naruto first uses against Neji. If he had any idea of what he was capable of, he would have speed blitzed Neji and one shot him by punching him through a wall before Neji could even perceive him move. This is also when tails appear if enough power is drawn. This is also the cloak that Naruto gives to the allied Shinobi forces. Since none of them are in harmony with Kurama, that's all they can use. This cloak as tails.

The Stage three cloak is when the Jinchuriki claims the power from the bijou and can open the seal as needed or the bijou gives the power without any hate attached through a closed seal. Fuu can do this with Chomei in the anime "filler". Bee and Gyeki do this. For Naruto this is KCM1. Naruto gains it by claiming the Kyuubi's power through the open seal, filtering it and then closing the seal. Kurama keeps it empowered without telling Naruto through the closed seal.

The Stage four Cloak for Naruto is KCM2. Bee can do it but it does not have nearly effect or power as KCM1 does. But that's because even the Yang half of Kurama is more powerful than all the other 8 bijou put together (this is why they had to seal the Kyuubi last into the Gedo statue. They needed all the other 8 tailed beasts power to hold Kurama in or even draw him in). The stage 4 cloaks is what also does the tailed beast transformation.

Just one mild criticism. And in your story you can do whatever you want. Kakashi is Dog(Inu) not Cat(Neko). Cat is Yugao Uzuki.
10/1/2021 c3 3Yuzuki476
Thank you so much for updating and am so happy for little naruto and kurama training.
9/21/2021 c2 Shift
Interesting story continue as soon as possible please looking forward to seeing what happens next chapter
9/20/2021 c1 4Ancient Sith Tulak Hord
I think chains and wood release would be better plus maybe have Naruto leave
9/14/2021 c1 3Yuzuki476
Thank you for making this a naruto bloodline story and am glad that kurama and little naruto are friends and am glad that there's no parings in this story. Please continue writing this story.
9/11/2021 c1 ChunkyFunkyMunky
It is a pity that you are having pairings.
9/10/2021 c1 iiNeo
This seems pretty good so far. Hope you continue this fic
9/10/2021 c1 Reedz22
great start!
9/10/2021 c1 13TheDevilsMusic
finally. something decent to read xD

ok a serious note good job
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