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10/16 c1 midnitewanderer
I seriously hope this was in reference to Hozier. It’s my favorite song by him and it fits so perfectly.
9/18 c1 H-Nala
I hope the frog feels better soon.
9/13 c1 Guest
this...this...it was hilarious and then..uwwww so heartwarming
now I want to cry
9/12 c1 Vanedbzz
Hermosa historia! Haz mas por favor, escribes muy bien
9/11 c1 Sereaya
This chapter was really sweet. Thank you for this amazing surprise.
9/10 c1 Goodtome
Loved so sweet but I really wanted that kiss lol so hopefully next one we’ll get that kiss n a little more wink
9/10 c1 k0.fatality
You always handle delicate feelings so well.
9/10 c1 62EmilyF.6
You are one of my all time favorite skip beat writers, and it always makes my whole day when you write something! This was no exception. I absolutely love this sweet, quiet moment between them, and it’s something I wish we got to see more of. Just them interacting like normal people. I hope the frog is okay, and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! Thank you so much for sharing!
9/10 c1 92ktoll9
T_T. Beautiful. I really wish he would man-up. sigh... Oh well... It was sweet. Thank you for sharing it with us. ;)
9/10 c1 Noveisadoge
oh my god, so sweet. such character development in a small package! how do you write so fast?!
9/10 c1 5miss mika namariya
1. This was all your idea, you can't blame me. And you shouldn't, seeing as it's awesome and I love it.

2. way to casually just drop a literary device in there that I totally forget the name of but really like the double 'dropped'

3. omg what a valiant sir hoppington, totally got hurt rescuing a princess/dragonfly fairy maiden.

4. Love how you describe Ren's reactions to her words, both happy and guilty. And how she looks at him!

5. Such a sweet ending! I love a nice forehead touch, and what a soft, sweet way to wrap it up! this was so sweet 3

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