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for When the Roses Bloom Again

12h c109 Dr. Valentine
Okay, this story has been an incredible ride and I greatly appreciate you writing it, but holy hell that end was depressing. I loved the title drop though.
3/1 c83 Dr. Valentine
Well shit, that made me tear up.
2/29 c106 juhiko02
It is sad that Bellatrix sister's weren't invited for Christmas.
2/29 c87 arkhaamknight
Im not liking how every other other commander is incompetent except harry. The only ones that arent are Charlus and petr.

It cheapens the stakes when any halfway competent leader would also win the war. All of these experienced leaders who fought in the last war somehow manage to be incompetent which flies in the face of all history.

I know its a common myth that between the two world wars all the veterans of the previous war were incompetent and had to be taught better by the new leaders, but its pure nonsense, and the copy of that myth in the story is disappointing.
2/28 c26 Dr. Valentine
This has to be the darkest HP fanfic I've ever read, and all cause it's set during world war 2 and touches on the holocaust.
2/28 c21 Dr. Valentine
I was wondering how you'd handle the Fantastic Beasts movies. I'm glad you're including them, but even happier that you're not keeping them as is but changing them.
2/26 c109 Guest
I'm very interested in whether the line of Potters and Blacks continued? It describes how Lily and James gave birth to girls
2/28 c1 Jimbo99
Haters of this story should honestly just FOH. If it's not for you, just piss off and read something else. Don't just litter the comments section with your unwanted hate, cos I doubt y'all could make anything even a fraction as good as this.
2/27 c14 Dr. Valentine
I find his lack of guilt... Concerning.
2/26 c42 Jimbo99
Federov's death saddens me a lot, honestly. He might have been my favourite character besides Evans. Brother was tough and sacrificed himself to ultimately protect Harry's identity. Awesome OC.
2/23 c21 Guest
He man not nit picking or anything but when Tom is caught by dumbeldore it says “he paid heed to the headmaster” - dumbeldore isn’t headmaster yet. Thought it was pretty funny
2/17 c109 FoggyJarl166
Such an amazing series, I thought the pairing was weird at the beginning and it was definitely a little cliche at first but this seires has become on of my all time favorites. I’m so glad I stumbled uppn it and I’m excited to read your other stories! Such a great read, 10/10
2/15 c109 AlukaXD
Wait, I'm playing COD Cold war rn and just saw a file that has Hanz Weber on it, was that where the name came from?
2/15 c28 1MandoWalker
Hahahah its so hilarious. Yeah tom is cruel but holy crap they are making him so much worse
2/14 c9 IamKroGan1
Wtf. Cruciatus as a medical spell? That is frankly, fucking stupid.
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