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for When the Roses Bloom Again

36m c101 2maximusrexmundi
It'd be cool if Harry publicly just spills all Tommy boys secrets - murderer, half blood, faker - right at the start lol
1h c101 KenyanHammer
Awesome stuff.
1h c101 trainreader
thank you for the student's perspective!
1h c1 1sohamzone
Oh wow! Malloy family being back is funny. I hope there’s Abraxas’s reaction as well!
2h c101 jimmy.oz
Harry should find a way to protect Lily's house since she has his last name and all just in case. a great chapter keep up the good work, and i look forward to more.
3h c101 3grovepjp
3h c101 Sebine
4h c101 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
4h c101 qwertyuiop123214685
4h c101 ThePhenakism
awesome chapter!
4h c101 BMS
Awesome to see Lily, James, and Sirius join the story.
Looking forward to seeing more of them.
4h c101 2FireKing500
Well we know Harry destroyed the stone so maybe how powerful/strong you are in magic slows down your aging. Wasn’t that was happened to Dumbledore? He was born in the 1880s and was suppose to look in his 30s when he was 60 or is that a fanfic idea?

Hopefully we see Harry fight against the first edition Death Eaters and they run scared because they know what he will do to them. Maybe Bella can have a pairing with the father of Susan Bones (I bet Harry will see the pairing better than Lestrange).

Hope we see some politics in the next few chapters as Arcturus, Charlus and Reg will not want to see another war. Maybe see a scene where Walburga tries to say the Blacks should support Riddle and Co as Harry enters the conversation. Maybe Rosalina Nott (or was it Rosier?) tells her nephew he better not be involved as Harry will not show any mercy. Heck you can tell that to any pureblood thinking of joining the Death Eaters.
5h c101 17griffin blackwood
Love the use of Bella here!
5h c101 cameron1812
Harry Evans is the coolest ever, bar noneLove the sorting, Lily, and Bella!
5h c101 Tusus
Still a pleasure to read, I'm really looking forward for the next chapters. I hope Bella ends up happy and not forced to marry anyone, she's too sweet in this story for that! As for the meeting between Harry and Lily it was perfectly written imo.

Great work
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