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for Healing Scars

6/7/2023 c2 5Hecseferblade
Genuinely curious how this would go now that the new chapter is out. Honestly, I think it would be amazing for Jaune to have someone with him during the time skip
1/19/2022 c2 3MTWKing
Wonderful story! I love the way you write Jaune and Weiss, not just in this fic but all your other fics about them. Keep up the good work!
9/27/2021 c2 3CelticSquirrel
Love this fic!
9/25/2021 c2 Guest
Poor Jaune..
9/25/2021 c2 thundertail
really good Jaune/Weiss moments
9/25/2021 c2 6triscythe59
Nice chapter. Touching moment between the two. Hope you start your reaction fic next
9/17/2021 c1 Guest
Weiss’s scar definitely badass and I love it.
9/17/2021 c1 8Mengsk
Reminds me of some qoute from a book once. Something like, "In time you will wear these scars as a badge of honour and everyone who sees them will recognise you as a warrior. Collect many scars and they'll see you weren't a very good one."

Anyway, yeah. Weiss scar is badass. Just assumed she knew it.
9/13/2021 c1 Guest
Holy f*ck this is adorable.

... I need more.
9/13/2021 c1 6Mad Library Scientist
Loved it! I'd never come across a fic where Jaune's healing abilities captured Weiss' attention like that. I would love to see a second part to this; White Knight is one of my favorite RWBY pairings, and this story has potential (especially considering how Vol. 8 ended)
9/13/2021 c1 hypernova2718
This was great. I am glad Jaune was able to give some indirect encouragement. Thank you.

Keep writing.
9/13/2021 c1 3Bixby37
9/13/2021 c1 2TheSlySage
this is cute as heck would love continuation

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