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23h c93 Guest
Are you sharing the new chapters every two weeks now?
2/21 c93 l30rusty
amazing story loving it
2/20 c93 Surion1243
Great chapter, thanks !
2/17 c93 Guest
I think Harrion do more than reduce the amount how man ships he is making to punish the Hightowers.
2/17 c93 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
2/16 c93 Naruto420
What was Harry's reaction when he saw little fingers obsession towards his mother? Haha.
2/16 c16 1Rogue Survivor
Oh dear. None of "his" kids are going to be able to lift the hammer, are they?
2/16 c60 aSleepyPenguin
This whole chapter I’m the lets fucking gooooo meme.
2/15 c93 1WOLF-GOST
2/15 c93 10RevDorothyL
Ruthless Harry! But that's how the game is played . . . if you play to win. :)
2/15 c93 3jiubantai-taicho
Ookkk I like this even if it was a short chapter as for Arianne I do so hope she is different from cannon and is still ‘pure’ cause if she is as big as a whore as her cannon self was then she is no better than a one night stand and even then you have to watch out for medieval STDs lol
2/15 c93 VeronicaD13
Lol oh poor Harry. I'd say go for it with the mountain clans and have one of them accidentally fire an arrow into Baelish. Doesn't even have to kill him, just get him in the nads? Maim him a little? Of course if his horse throws him that wouldn't be a bad thing either...

I do love how he dealt with the Blacktyde plot. Wonder how he'll deal with the Dorne issue... I mean I highly doubt that he'll let himself get sold or trapped in marriage...

Can't wait for more!
2/15 c93 biob1
Good work
2/15 c93 Immaterium
It is good to see Nymeria, I love their banter :)
And I look forward to the holidays in Dorne :)
2/15 c4 aSleepyPenguin
So… Bran the ghost is part of the Crypts… He kill people in red, Red Preist. OMG I just figured that out while typing this. This is just a religious gang war.
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