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8/13/2022 c3 avengersendgame426
Okay. Did not expect this today. Good to see you back on FanFiction after four months since you were last active when you updated TFA Season 6: Fall of Cybertron. Really liked the R-Rated feeling in this chapter with Venom because it would be something Marvel would never do without permission from Disney. Also liked Venom and Eddie in this chapter overall because it explained what happened to him after the events of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Season 1. Plus that was a nice reference to Deadpool 2 with the “blessed are the wicked who are healed by my hand” line. It really fit Hate-Monger in this chapter since he’s basically a religious white supremacist.

Aside from that, I’m really hoping that this means your going to continue Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Season 2: Web of Shadows because it’s already been a whole year since you started it and we haven’t had a second chapter. I don’t know if your still dealing with your dog’s death or if your delaying the story on purpose, but I hope you get better soon. I’ve really enjoyed your Sacred Timeline of Marvel stories ever since I joined FanFiction.

Other than that, see you next time.
12/11/2021 c2 avengersendgame426
Good to see you back with writing after another three months. Nice job with showcasing Gambit and introducing Iceman and Mister X. I like how you’re showing these X-Men characters that weren’t used frequently in the movies. Mainly with Gambit because we didn’t see him very often in the Fox films. Also liked the little Falcon and the Winter Soldier reference at the end with Madripoor. Hope to see more chapters soon with either Venom or Black Cat. Also hoping that you update Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Season 2: Web of Shadows sometime after you see Spider-Man: No Way Home because that movie is going to blow our minds with the returns of Alfred Molina as Doc Ock, Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx as Electro, Lizard and Sandman. Maybe even Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield if the predictions and rumors are even true. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Other than that, see you next time!
9/18/2021 c1 JustSomeGuyReadingStuff
One Superb first chapter. I'm glad to see Firestar get some much-needed recognition I always liked her she's underrated. I enjoyed reading how the events that happened with her father in Homecoming were still affecting her but she managed to overcome her feeling. Pyro was an excellent choice of villain for Firestar to fight with his control over fire allowing him to be immune to her powers but once she figured out he couldn't create fire on his own she beat him physically. I love the setup for the universe too with it being in the MCU and mixing it with the comics. Can't wait for the next chapter and excited to see who the other members of the Knights will be in this verse.
9/18/2021 c1 avengersendgame426
(Review continued) Just to show how their lives changed during the two weeks after the whole Goblin Nightmare.

Other than that, see you next time with either Wolverine, TFA: Fall of Cybertron or Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man season 2!
9/18/2021 c1 avengersendgame426
Great start to your new story. Nice to see that your back with writing after three months. I liked that you gave Liz/Firestar her chance to shine in this episode. Also liked the and the debut of Pyro in your universe. I imagined him being played by Aaron Stanford from X2 and The Last Stand. Plus the Fall Out Boy song that played during Liz and Pyro’s fight was a good choice. I could never figure out who performed that song in the past. One last thing I liked was showing the aftermath of Sokovia in your universe. That might lead up to something in the future with a certain civil war between two Avengers.

Aside from that, can’t wait to see how you expand with your own Sacred Timeline with this story. To be honest, I like to see your Marvel stories as a new timeline that was created at the end of Loki Season 1 considering the changes you made to the MCU’s main timeline. Maybe you could include characters from your Spider-Man story like Gwen, Ned, MJ, Gloria, Harry and Anya.

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