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11/27/2023 c45 TeamAAMY
Dude, this story is great. But could you PLEASE update this story? It's been months now
11/24/2023 c45 Guest
This is interesting and awesome story
7/22/2023 c45 1BigMasetheDon
If this was the game what level would everyone be?
7/21/2023 c45 7Kazuma-san
Oh hell yeah! It's confirmed that The Ice Queen herself is joining the Battle Royale for Yu's heart! Keep your wife, girlfriend, sister, and daughter safe, folks, because Chad Ziodyne is at it again!

For a moment I thought this story is going to be abandoned, so I'm happy to see that it's not. Great chapter, btw, as usual. I can't wait to see Rise's rage when the times come.‿
7/21/2023 c45 codywhite162
Glad to see this back :) And another amazing chapter it was. Favorite part was definitely the reaper battle as that was epic. Good work as usual and looking forward to the next update.
6/3/2023 c44 codywhite162
Welcome back and what an amazing chapter this was! Definitely excited for what comes next in the story :)
4/26/2023 c43 codywhite162
Once again this story continues to get more and more entertaining every new update :) I quite like where the next updates are going to go and cannot wait to find out what transpires next. Also I enjoyed Yukiko staying in Tokyo thought that was a good choice. Lastly I understand you will be busy in May so I will be waiting for the next update to come out towards the end of the month like you stated. Looking forward to it.
4/10/2023 c42 Beluboo
Really love this story so far, one of the best persona fic i've ever read till now. I like the way you handle the romance in this story, focusing only on a few heroines is far better instead of a fullblown harem like most of the popular fics on this website (which frankly, i'm getting tired of), and the pacing of the story is pretty good too for me. Tbh this story deserve far more love, which i hope it will get soon. Anyway, that's it! looking forward to more chapters!

Stay safe and healthy my friend!
4/12/2023 c42 dawnytilldusky
Can't wait for the next chap!
4/9/2023 c42 GerardJS84
Dude, there's no need to apologize. I understand the reason and I hope you're recovering well. Anyways, another great chapter. Just take it easy buddy, take some water and rest your mind.
4/5/2023 c42 Rey
i have waiting for this,but...most of it about p5 crew prob,i must count my blessing...I wish for the next chapter to be more engaging...keep up the good work
4/5/2023 c42 codywhite162
Super excited to read this chapter and the fact you posted it on my birthday today made it even more special! Thank you for that and this was definitely worth the wait :) I really enjoyed how you differentiated Ann and Makoto's feelings for Ren and how each of them go about expressing said feelings. Then having Shiho there to help Ann out was amazing as I love her character and cannot wait to see more of her. And lastly Haru. I definitely loved how you had her act as wing woman for Makoto as it fit her character so well. Another excellent chapter yet again and I am looking forward to the next update.
3/4/2023 c41 myroomisblue2
havr not read this yet because idk anything about persona series but i am just curious if you still plan to make a sequel to into the realm of magic. ?
3/3/2023 c41 codywhite162
I absolutely loved reading this chapter! I also quite enjoyed how you shifted between the past and present whenever Ren's old schoolmates interacted with him to show how he felt then compared to now. It had me quite intrigued all the way until the end. Next, I am very excited for next chapter as I want to see how you go about exploring Ann's feelings for Ren and I am a huge sucker for romance and fluff in stories so I cannot wait to read that. All in all another wonderful chapter so thank you for your hard work. See you in three weeks where I shall review the next one :)
2/13/2023 c40 codywhite162
This chapter was excellent and I love how many elements are building up for the next arc. Excited to read the next one in three weeks :)
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