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for A New Player in the Force: The Gathering Storm

12h c24 saarinensari99
can someone tell if this is harem story before i start to read because i dislike serra as love intrest
9/28 c24 Gear master
Can’t wait for the next chapter
9/28 c24 2Hipnyah
Obviously it's me.
9/26 c24 ShadowFire3473
Joined the patreon just to see if the 2 chapters are available. At the lowest tier (about $15 with some change per year). This story does not offer early access to the 2 chapters as promised. So take it with a grain of salt and expect to pay more if you want to read 2 first drafts ahead.
9/26 c17 Rafael Lopez
He’s been having that for the greater good mentality for some time now.
9/24 c24 4Deitybringer3101
" While she had a 0.7-rated hyperdrive, doing the mental calculations, it seemed we'd arrived as if she had a 0.6-rated hyperdrive. It was a minor improvement, but given most ships had 1.5-rated or higher hyperdrives, it was most impressive. "

I don't see how this is supposed to be an improvement as she is both slower than she was originally supposed to be, and also slower than most other ships making her one of if not the slowest spaceship.
9/21 c24 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
9/18 c24 Guest
And so it begins. Awesome chapter and love that Cam's used his authority on the Lokella, you definitely don't want to leave yourself undefended. Brilliant writing as always, look forward to the next pne! Take care of yourself
9/19 c10 handwran
well this arcs torture plot device sure was forced and badly written. why so many authors feel the need to nerf their mcs and remove agency Ill never understand. the rest of the fic is good but id reccomend skipping this arc
9/19 c24 Raiju001
Hahaha! I was expecting the force to sneak Ani in somehow but I was surprised by the other. And dang, to see such a large force assemble... Trade Federation done goofed!
9/19 c24 3Ryan Chessman aka Crys
Jeez, quite the harem he's building.

All the pieces are falling into place for this step. What he's ignoring is the possibility that the two Alors he was so worried about are plotting to put him on the Mandalore throne. Especially if he pulls this battle off as well as he very well might.

Wouldn't that throw Palpatine's plan for him into a spin?

Very much enjoying this story and looking forward to the next chapter!
9/19 c24 Nai Darkor
Episode 1, yay!
Help me, Cameron Shan! You are my only hope.
THAT is fanservice…
9/18 c24 4Verdauga
This pleases me. I find the droids and Raven's pickiness of fuel amusing.
9/18 c24 Verdauga
9/18 c24 3Okaze
I'm seriously excited for this next chapter. Having the Lokella, the Mandos, Bo, and Serra all along for the ride along with the hilarious humor of HK and R2 is going to make for an incredible, hilarious, and badass experience.
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