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for Uzumaki's Way 2

6/30 c2 Guest
I'm glad your back ,and I hope your doing better, looking forward to the next chapter.
5/19 c2 shapeshifter340
A great new story chapter cannot wait to see what happens next in this fanfic and your Naruto and pokemon crossover one
4/16 c2 Hikari
Yo sigo sin entender si la historia es yaoi o no porque en los primero capítulos hubo yaoi
4/16 c2 Guest
Yo sigo sin entender la historia es Yaoi o no por que en los capítulos del inicio hubo yaoi
4/16 c2 araujomelany413
El Yaoi es bonito ️
4/1 c2 Guest
Please give naruto a permanent harem.
4/1 c1 Guest
Please give naruto a harem and also add Mei, Karin and Kurostuchi in the harem of naruto.
9/28/2021 c1 Roberto9090
lets see what is your explanation on why naruto

a jinchuuriki

is doing in akatsuki
9/21/2021 c1 Shift
Great story continue as soon as possible please along with your Naruto and pokemon one
9/20/2021 c1 Hardpointz
Can’t wait to see where this story goes

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