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for The Distance Which Fools the Skimming Eye

5/23 c1 This is bad
Why do you hate Jaune?

You'd actually go so far as to make him suffer all the emotional baggage of a manipulative psychotic murderer? Why should any healthy respectable human being have to go through that? Being with a girl like Cinder would destroy his life. This is like dating a girl with daddy issues x100. The amount of mental trauma and issues this girl has are endless and rest assured Jaune will suffer for every single one of them for the rest of his life. I don't see any benefit to being in a relationship with a murderer who was never raised by anyone and only has mountains of trauma, shallowness, and manipulative behavior to offer you instead of love and peace of mind.

This knightfall stuff is just unhealthy. It directly attacks and tears down Jaune's whole character while pairing him with the worst woman imaginable.
12/22/2022 c18 Guest
This is really good. I am sad, though. It ended up being too good and I couldn’t stop reading and now, after only a mere few days, I have to wait for the next chapter. I love your story and I can’t wait for the next chapter.
10/28/2022 c1 Aisling-SA
I've been following the fic over at ao3 and had no idea you brought this over to the tried-and-true ! Good to see you over here.
7/15/2022 c17 thunderknight009
This is really good. I like how you built the the development up to the kiss. Instead of just having them do it at the first chance they got. There was substance to the kiss and context. The development is just top Teir. Can’t wait for the next set up chapters .
7/14/2022 c13 Wabbayack22
Why did the story suddenly become much more incoherent? There’s a lack of full sentences and details
7/14/2022 c6 Wabbayack22
Meh chapter
7/12/2022 c17 RoboOverlord
I never even imagined Jaune and Cinder could be so perfect together.
7/10/2022 c17 Seaoddon014
Excellent finisher, I hope we get to see an after times with Jayne and cinder.
6/28/2022 c14 thunderknight009
What a wonderful read this was. I really hope you continue this. I want to see Jaune and Cinder grow more together. The plot is pretty solid, has an air of darkness around it hanging over each character to a degree depending on who it is. But for some reason all in all, I’ve become so drawn to the story yet I can’t properly put it into words. I can’t wait for you to update so that I and many others read more of this work of art.
5/2/2022 c14 hirshja
*I think it's because your sentences are so packed fill of metaphorical or flowery speech, that the actual meaning is a little bit hidden.

I really like it, because it makes me actually pause and think about what's happening instead of just speed reading.
5/2/2022 c14 hirshja
It's hard to describe, but your writing style can be very difficult to parse sometimes. I think I finally figured it out though. I t
4/23/2022 c13 1Crusada de Lata
Phenomenal Knightfall fic. One of the best I've read and kept me up all night. Hope you have a good one, hats off to you
4/11/2022 c13 thecgw
I see what you did in this chapter. I love how everything slowly made less sense and Cinder devolved while getting eaten, but you put a nice little bow on top as the problem was solved and you just illuminated a Dark Twisted mind
3/30/2022 c2 silver.blast96
3/7/2022 c12 Iwr1918
See I like this story, but sometimes their might be dialogue that seems a bit weird, in the sense that the meaning isn't clear

I'm talking about a sentance here and there though, nothing too big.

Not sure how to explain it and I can't find the example anymore
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