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for Can a demon fox become the devil king?

10/25 c3 Nathair1
I hope your reason goes well
10/18 c2 bastidaswilliam2005
Well you shoukd bring women for other unverses who has a troubled past so he can jelp theirs to heal their hearths and add them to his harem/peerage
For example boa hancock from one piece during her escape for the tenriubitos unfortely their sister don't make it and when she it is about to die she its save for naruto who previosly make a seal to him to take him to his future peerage menber
Kuroka ahe will be almost kill for a bunch o stray devil and he save her and reincarnate sine she "die" and reincarnate the kill order she has for kill her previous king will be reincided
Tsunade as a bishop who give her a second oportunity in life to be a mother
Esdeath from kill la kill and will be funny see her interact who the other since her personality i see clashinf whit rias akeno and boa
And any other who you put please put in a author note who she is and from what anime/movie/serie she is coming from
10/12 c2 1Mr. Haze
I mean, why not leave Naruto to solo for his peerage. That would mark him as different between the devils
10/11 c3 16FenreldStormblade
take your time. school should take priority
10/8 c2 Guest
I have an idea for Naruto peerage and if you accept genderbent characters then 7 characters in his peerage if not then 5
Ophis as a rook
Issei sister as a pawn
And fem vail as a pawn as well
And shinobu as a knight and
Mikasa as a pawn or bishop
And two girls that would sound weird to be in a peerage but why not raynare as a pawn and kalawarner as a pawn or something And yea and good story and see you next time you post
10/8 c2 Guest
10/10 c2 almevogamerm
Can you make Fu one of Naruto Lovers and Peerage member ? a fem sasuke or an OC sasuke twin sister as a Lover/Peerage memeber would be fun
10/10 c2 3AbyssDragonslayer777
Can't wait for next chapter and it's pronounced Yokai not Yukai.
10/6 c2 Guest
Can't wait to see the rest of his peerage.
Will he have only one pawn or multiple pawns?
10/7 c2 WindyCitySlayer1
Please continue
Awesome chapter
Can’t wait for more
10/4 c1 Guest
More please and don't listen to those haters in the reviews
10/6 c2 1bayoujmd89
Patiently waiting for an update keep up the good work
10/6 c2 Yuki Riki
It'll be creepy if add Koneko now since she's still 5 years old, Tsubaki will be good but Sona might want to let her go with Saji if he's in the story..
10/6 c2 Quinque Law
Koneko, sona is good, and you can add irina too, but please no sakura/hinata
10/6 c2 ghostFLIN
Excellent chapter bro continue soon
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