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12/5 c28 3The Booknerds
yay! it appears that you're going to change cannon and for that in so happy!
12/5 c28 5RedShirt1453
Peter was noticbly absent for the past few chapters so I expected this. Still hope he dies in a fire or something maybe Fae could eat him as a werewolf.

Love how Fae is perfectly OK with torture and using Dark Illegal magic. She shouldn't let morality or philosophical Dark vs Light magic get in the way of the war effort.
12/4 c28 9WiseGirlDivergence46
12/4 c28 TheQueenofGoodbyes
I fricking KNEW he was still the slimy rat bastard. All she did was add another person for him to betray by being his friend, which we clearly know he held no qualms about betraying. Kudos to Lily for picking Fae. Tbh we all know the only reason Peter was chosen in the original timeline was because James convinced her.
As for what's going to happen, assuming Peter still heard the date of when the charm would be cast, I'm suspicious he'd give them up early. It'd be a smart move (potentially kill Fae and another Potter or three) and if/when he does I'm fairly sure Fae will have been prepared. After all, moving the date up or back would ensure death eaters are none the wiser BUT to arrive on the "chosen" day, which would leave them susceptible to a counter attack. I look forward to seeing how it plays out though.
12/1 c27 TheQueenofGoodbyes
I'm currently mirroring Fae's sentiments. First, I want to be warmed or something that Remus still has SOME sort of feelings for Fae, but also definitely I think the fuck not. That little bastard apologized (properly and verbally) once and then calls himself being jealous and overly affectionate just a few months later? No. Absolutely not. I love him, but you don't mind eff someone and then shortly later go and get jealous and act like something more could happen. I wasn't down with Lily essentially pressuring her into writing him so early in the first place (the girl should've been allowed to grieve longer than a couple months because poor Remus was upset over a situation HE CAUSED).

I was DEFINITELY not a fan of him trying to keep up romantic and flirty touches in whatever capacity he could on jobs. You can't convince me his head is so far up his own butt he didn't recognize she was uncomfortable at the behavior when he recognizes every other one of her ticks. The whole nearly pissing off another alpha because he was jealous as well as acting constantly standoffish and jealous to her "boyfriend" were just icing on the cake.

Like I said, I love Remus, but I hope for nothing more than for her to properly check him. I'm not saying he has to be hit in the face by James or Sirius (although...), but it's not cool that he keeps messing with her head and I hope she recognizes that she should confront him to back off. Then, I mean they'll later come to realize they're both idiots (him more so than her) and get back together, but I would hate them getting back together the way it is now. It's not romantic or sweet, his behavior that is; it's possessive and absurd.

Secondly, (sorry about that tangent lol) I'm happy Regulus told her about Snape and his sniveling blabber mouth. I get that he doesn't know what a snowball he's released, but that doesn't stop me from being mad he's putting James and Lily's lives on the line (unknowingly). I just hope that things unfold differently and that at least one of them survives and/or Sirius doesn't end up in Azkaban because of Peter. I would hope that Peter doesn't betray them, but nothing he's done thus far has convinced me he's not still the rat who'd betray his friends for the sake of being on the "winning side". Anyways, I look forward to your next update.
12/1 c15 TheQueenofGoodbyes
Sometimes reading the misadventures of Fae and the Marauders is so hard. They're all so full of life, and while I hope she changes their futures, I can't help but worry. I found myself actually liking Peter and had to pause for a minute and remember how he could very well still become the person to betray James and Lily.

He's close with them now, true, but I can't help but worry he's still the type to just follow them because they're the most powerful/influential people around at this moment (the very same reason he betrayed them for Voldemort). I just... aghh I'm just battling with emotions here.
12/1 c27 WiseGirlDivergence46
i needs my remus to know the truth about kent/regulus soon! and then he and fae can be toooogetthherrrr
11/30 c11 TheQueenofGoodbyes
I was going to hold off on reviewing until I got to the latest chapter as I've binged 11 chapters late at night, but I couldn't resist. This book has made me laugh, guffaw, chuckle, and snicker many times but NEVER have I laughed more (and potentially woken up my housemates) than reading Regulus fucking Black calling Lily fire crotch. Just take the award for funniest thing I've read this year because mate you absolutely deserve it.
11/28 c26 WiseGirlDivergence46
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! HARRY POTTER YALL
11/25 c25 WiseGirlDivergence46
i fucking love remus!
and wills and christian is so cute!

loved the chapter
11/24 c24 WiseGirlDivergence46
11/19 c23 5RedShirt1453
Remus just needs to be in the dog house a little longer... just a little
11/18 c23 9WiseGirlDivergence46
*sobbing* oh my dear sweet Regulus!
11/17 c22 Belgarin
oooh, he deserved worse! *fuming* and a few beatings from Sirius and James
11/17 c22 bigwoof
Excellent story! Now waiting for the righteous fury to descend..
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