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10/11 c3 5Dark Neko 7000
What will happen next time
9/30 c2 A Guest
What would happen if she ended with the Druadan.
9/29 c2 Maleo
Maybe her landing in Rivendell, and being introduced to Middle Earth by the elves from there.

Alternatively, landing in the forest by the Shire with knowledge of the world so that she can bond with Bilbo before the quest.

**Not for Ch. 2, but I always like when, in stories like these, Gandalf has no clue about her existence before she meets the Company. I would also love to see her being older sister like to Fili & Kili, as well as bitching Thorin out over his attitude.
9/29 c2 2NESSAANCALIME6913
I would like to see the hospitality that the hobbits are known for and it’s a stretch but maybe Rose and Lobelia becoming friends of a sort so she isn’t portrayed like usual in these stories.
Maybe meeting the Tooks and brandybucks?possibly becoming somewhat of a liaison between the hobbits and the Dúnedain. Maybe even find holes in the defenses around the shire and fixing them.
It would also be nice to have her open up to more than Bilbo about her past and realize that people or hobbits in this case would still care for her.
9/27 c1 Lost-Lovegood
i think you might be looking for random harvest by flightywren on ao3? i never got very far into it to confirm but thats the one i know that fits the description
9/25 c1 Makana-Aloha
I love this! Thank you the read!
I am loving this! I can’t wait to see what happens next.
If you by chance find the story you’re looking for please let us know cause that sounds like an amazing read as well.
9/24 c1 26917brat
This sounds like it will be a very interesting story and I am curious as to how this is going to play out.
9/24 c1 Outofthisworldgal
I always love a Harry Potter/Hobbit crossover. I like that yours is different and that she will be with Bilbo (Though I am a big fan Fili/Harry Hee Hee).

Will she be around Bilbos height?
I am looking forward to more :)

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