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for Ainz Ooal Gown In Equestria

10/25/2021 c8 max111000
Nice chapter! Celestia, Luna and Cadence are totaly stoned :P I like the idea that Twiligth and co will now try to save them and they will fail and turn to Momon for help but I hope there will be some funny twist to that. Have fun writing and thanks for the translation!
10/25/2021 c7 max111000
The story iis much fun form me, there are some referencing misteakes like priviously. I would like the story to deraill from the overlord orginal story and let them interact with ponyvail and the MLP characters. I can see you like to progress the main story and add flashbacks, it meakes it easier to know what the character is reffering to but takes away the anticipation like "What will happen, he met her 2 chapters ago, will he remember" and stuff. I would like to see some more everyday interactions between Ainz and Twilitgth and co. Like the interactions on the train with him giving the girls some nice advice that would corrupt them and be sligthly evil and also the other way around Ainz wanting to make friend and remember his friend when looking at the ponys. Nice story! Thanks for the translation :)
10/25/2021 c6 max111000
Ou no, he will harm the princesses. Will he burn them alive, or lobotomise them, i cant wait to find out. I believe you made some misteakes when refering to Albedo as He. I like the story and I am reading MORE! Greate jobe and thanks for the translation!
10/25/2021 c3 max111000
I like the story. Momonga as a pony seams wrong, I love it! Also fix this sentence:
"What's up to Spike?" - "What's up Spike?", the form what's up to does not exist, you can say what's up with Spike but that has the meaning that he is ill or something bad happend to him. Also I have missed the Discord vs Nazaric battle, was it only implied I am kind of sad that I cant remember. Also I cant wait for Momonga Nabe to meet with Twiligth and co. Have fun writing and thanks for the translation!
10/25/2021 c2 max111000
Hi, nice chapter, you skipped the Carne village b/c in MLP there arent any opportunities. I am thrilled to see how twiligth will interact with Momonga as he is not Ainz. As for the writing, it is great, but "How big of a stupid I was" - this is not in english, It would be better like "How stupid I was", or "How foolish I was". I am interested, I am reading more, and thanks for translating, it is awesome!
10/24/2021 c1 max111000
I came thinking "will Momonga turn into a pone?". I have seen some MLP long time ago but this looks like madness, I am in! I like the story so far, it is a setup, but not a bad one. Its good you skiped the first chapter than. In english you never use "¿", "¡" at the begining of a sentence, for example you wrote "¿Wake up?", it looks like in spanish. Just write: "Wake up?". I like the story, I hope it will go terribly terribly wrong super fast. Have fun writing!
9/28/2021 c35 19Boyzilla
It was a good story, lots of laughs here and there, though got a bit stranger towards the end, and Grogar felt sorta hastly dealt with. And it kinda felt like the story had some sort of vendetta against America which took away the experiance for me.

Honestly, most of the Equestria Girls content after the discovery of Two Worlds Mandala lost my interest.

Still not a bad story, it’s a fun read, and I enjoyed most of it, especially the first half.
9/28/2021 c7 kukuhimanpr
this is the only fic where momonga and nazarick get isekaied to equestria, and make an IKEA furniture empire...

sorry but that was just too funny.
9/28/2021 c3 kukuhimanpr
you know, if suzuki got isekaied to equestria alone, he'll probably really enjoy permanent vacation there in disguise. but not in this story. he has to babysit the nazarick npcs forever.
9/28/2021 c2 kukuhimanpr
the overlord becomes an overpony... pfffffffttt!

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