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11/29 c34 KingSayan
Hi, I have raed all of your stories. And they are pretty good. specially "Blood Stained", " The Swallow And The Dragon" & "Let's Try This Again". I also love this story. Your writing in this story is the best work you have put out so far.
My only problem with this story so far is that it's pacing is too slow. I mean even after 250k words Harry still hasn't manage to go to Ciri's world and their relationship still hasn't passed the puppy love stage.
If you are reading this post, please SPEED UP PACE A BIT.
Good bye. Have a good day.
11/26 c8 vswey
isn't Harry supposed to be 10?
11/26 c34 vswey
arrgghhh, I skipped ahead a bit but is chapter 34 and they're still only 12? that's just too many words for not enough forward progress for me.
11/26 c17 vswey
man it's like the halfway point and still year 1
11/25 c3 vswey
I like the story so far, but I can't help but feel the way you have harry interact with magic is a bit silly. granted, I've always found the shouting of spells to feel a little silly. however, you have harry speaking out whole sentences as spells like he is giving coands to an AI or something. I get that he is just in the learning phase, so maybe how he interacts with magic will change? I'm just imagining him in some conflict down the line, it'd be pretty ridiculous if he had to speak out a whole paragraph of instructions for a 'spell'.
11/15 c34 reptoholic
AWESOMEEE! really hope the knowledge hits the papers and he gets credit for it!
11/15 c33 reptoholic
ahahahah yesss
11/15 c32 reptoholic
love it, really hope he keeps some of it.
11/15 c31 reptoholic
lmfao cute, hope he changes things
11/15 c30 reptoholic
to bad she did not feel his snake poke her in return
11/15 c29 reptoholic
11/15 c28 reptoholic
Hope he makes sure their mind shields are strong and has oaths so they don't steal hid ideas!
11/15 c27 reptoholic
keep up the great work! Really hope he heals the longbottoms soon and gains some credit. If they are using his rune sequence He should have some credit with ron's work
11/15 c26 reptoholic
11/3 c5 John
Incredible so far!
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