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for A World Away

9/19 c27 Young Dr pepper
When are you planing on giving Harry the reality marble
9/5 c27 golbar
Thank you for writing this amazing story. Everyone's characterization is so strong and believable. I read the entire story in 1 night (lost about 6 hours of sleep too.) I just couldn't put it down once I started.

I understand this is Harry's story and that Cirilla has more or less followed canon pretty closely so far; With things now starting to change in her story due to Harry's presence, I agree with the others that having a chapter from her perspective might be nice. I saw in one of the chapter notes though that you prewrite though so if it is too much to try and add in at this stage i understand.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing this continue.
8/27 c27 Bigreddog68
Fucking awesome story. Love it!
8/27 c27 1thevolunteerman
Harry: *dedicates his life to tirelessly working on a way to travel dimensions*
Ciri: *is capable of of dimensional travel on her own*
Ciri: *shows up a few days before Harry finishes*
Harry: I fucking hate you. *grabs her hand to work off frustration in the bedroom*
8/27 c27 Guest
Can we get some ciri POV's?
8/23 c27 3Scabbers1957
An awesome, awesome story, keep up the good work. The only critique, if I may, is double check your spelling, nothing major, but it will enhance the enjoyment of the story.
I'll add it to the story alerts to see what happens next.

8/20 c27 Dauntes
Awesome. Thanks for the new chapter!
8/20 c27 zea.caire
Having Daphne greengrass joining them makes story intresting.
8/19 c27 tylerofwar
Thank you for your work. I look forward constantly for the next chapter
8/18 c27 Lb
Great work
8/18 c27 Guest
love it
8/18 c27 randyterros
excelente capitulo, lo único que podría pedir es que fuera mas largo jeje.
Que tengas suerte y espero saber de este fic pronto, un saludo :D
8/18 c27 3RogueJMS
Another awesome chapter!
Are we going to have a chapter/interlude that follows Ciri around?
8/18 c27 3WhiteElfElder
Ciri seems like she really did not care about the Blood Curse as much as she should, like she is being influenced to give it much consideration.
8/18 c27 Bucio
I wonder, would it be possible for Triss to use Harry's ritual (with Harry giving the instructions to Ciri and she to Triss), to enter their Mindscape, if at some point it was necessary to meet Harry (which if Gerald also participates, it would be Harry's first real meeting with Ciri's father figure, who would do so to determine if Harry is a danger to Ciri)

As for Daphne, perhaps by helping her, Harry will end up finding another key to help Ciri, and complete her purification ritual (with Dumbledore contributing his part regarding Blood Magic, and also being present in case there is an encounter with Triss and Gerald) mmm, although curious that it was Hermione who initiated that, what did she have in mind?

oh, and see that Lockhart is like in canon, that is, he is useless (in which Harry and Daphne agree), that and that there is no mention of Ginny or the Heir of Slytherin yet

Good luck and keep it up
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