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7/24 c20 reptoholic
…why Ron? He only accomplished thst by using the potter family rune ritual. Half that credit belongs to harry.
7/24 c19 reptoholic
7/24 c18 reptoholic
Do not like them bossing him around. It’s annoying. What gives them the right
7/24 c17 reptoholic
Wowza. Could help squibs. I honestly can’t see a alchemist Ron.
7/24 c16 reptoholic
Hope harry learns alchemy.
7/24 c15 reptoholic
Loved it
7/24 c14 reptoholic
7/24 c13 reptoholic
Would alive to see her worlds pov when she tells them
7/24 c12 reptoholic
7/24 c11 reptoholic
7/24 c10 reptoholic
Keep it up.
7/24 c9 reptoholic
Awwww. Would love to see pov change ti her world
7/24 c8 reptoholic
…..I was hoping he would make it before the end of the show. Maybe his time would move faster
7/24 c7 reptoholic
Wfff. Cannon Witcher will be over by the time he arrives. You said he will go through hogwarts first before he leaves
7/24 c6 reptoholic
Awesomeeeee. Hope he sees Cori again. It would be hilarious if she fell asleep nude in the future on accident t and they see each other again. Would be pretty funny
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