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11/15 c29 Guest
love it
11/15 c29 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder if a blood transfusion would work, maybe use a normal person instead of a magical?
11/15 c29 3jiubantai-taicho
I really don’t like how long it’s been since this story had Ciro and Harry as a focus. I don’t care about Grenngrass, I understand that it’s the case study to help Ciri but I don’t care about her only about how Harry will get to Citi.
11/15 c29 yomunot
Oh shit let's go. I'm usually not as interested in chapters/arcs that don't have much interaction between Ciri and Harry but I am invested in this one!
11/15 c29 GladiumDamocles
Thanks for the chapter
11/15 c29 8Jebest4781
Looks quite well with how this turned out. Keep up the good work.
11/15 c29 2Nice Egan
Great chapter. I'm looking forward to read the next.
11/15 c29 Guest
not the first time i've heard of this method of curse removal in HP fanfiction. I'm sure, it was written before.
11/15 c29 Hitmen101
Woot! Thanks for the chapter! :D :)
11/15 c29 4eragon95159
About the use of nonmagic ways to bone marrow transplantation and blood change by transfusion to try to cure Daphne's mother or buy more time?
11/15 c29 1malinkody
Such an interesting chapter. Thank you for the update, it made my day.
11/15 c29 4Althyrios
Will they create a dialysis method ?
11/15 c29 2AvidReader2425
Thank you very much for another excellent and highly entertaining chapter
11/14 c29 Bucio
It's curious to see a new chapter so soon, but I'm not complaining at all.

We see what the gang do, before winter break, with Hermione basically doing the magical version of Naruto's Kai (and while her explanation is logical, maybe it's not the only thing she needs it for), Ron continues in his alchemy, but he hasn't paid much attention to Ginny (if she's the one Riddle controls, Ron will be upset that he didn't pay enough attention), and Molly's attitude, more than being upset with Ron, is the discomfort of noticing that maybe perhaps because of her previous situation, she may have been somewhat unfair in her treatment of her minor children, and she doesn't know how to express her apology, that and a little pride.

And the focus of this chapter is with Daphne and her family, especially to try to analyze what happens with Mrs Greengrass, having the approval of Daphne's father for it; and after having to replicate something of what he did with Ciri, Harry realizes that the blood is the key, since the curse is there, physically and magically, at least having an idea of where to attack, despite the difficulties involved in doing so .

Let's hope that Harry remembers that he is not alone and there are people close to him, with more experience in magic like Dumbledore or the Flammels, who could help him; that and incorporate the ideas of his friends for his own project.

What could they do? First, take a blood sample and analyze it, see if they can separate the curse from that sample, and then replicate that procedure on Angelica Greengrass, or to see based on that sample, if they can change her blood type, or change it completely for a magical plasma, which can replace the infected blood, after which do the purifying ritual to heal the damage to the body, although another idea is to check its bones, because if I understand correctly, the body's blood is produced there.

Good luck and keep it up
11/13 c28 1thevolunteerman
While I’m not the biggest fan of how you’ve developed Harry in this story, I am glad to see it updated. The Jump from scared boy desperate for friends to scientific in the extreme and calculating seems forced.
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