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11/13 c15 Iskallos
Saw that there were 999 reviews and I wanted to be the one to break it into 1000 lol. I've been enjoying the story so far, thanks for all the chapters.
11/12 c6 17nagiten
why does harry trust and believe dumbledore so quickly? he doesnt trust like of believe most adults and for good reason yet here is an adult that has told him he the reason for all his hardships who relied on assumptions and theories to keep a baby safe.a guy who is over worked over arrogant and cant see the forest through the trees/ harry life thus far has him rightly so not trusting anyone safe ciri so why is he so quick to trust dumbledore? wouldnt he suspect dumbledore is using magic on him? or just buttering him up getting him to relax before striking? he had such thoughts about everyone so far why is it different suddenly with albus?
11/11 c4 1Fairy King Oberon
The formal language coming from a kid Harry's age is starting to get to me a bit. From Ciri it makes sense, she is a princess after all and despite her disdain for her lessons it would be more surprising if some of it didn't rub off on her but Harry doesn't have that background and hasn't spent nearly enough time around Ciri for it to rub off on him from her either. Tiny nitpick is tiny, it's a good story and I like it a lot. Not nearly enough good Harry Potter/Witcher crossovers to be picky when you find one.
11/11 c28 insanecoop
Really enjoying this so far.
I dislike not only the introduction of Daphne into the club but also how much Harry is giving away.
It's an annoying inconsistent compared to the rest of the story.
Hope it doesn't continue
11/11 c6 Veb
Stupid move. Potter manor, always an arsenine choise
11/9 c15 Naiden
Why didn't albus make any attempt at capturing Voldemort? Shouldn't albus know some spells that would be useful for containing him?
11/9 c28 Mugiii
Honestly having Luna join the group and the story will be on the way to becoming a real favourite. Loving Dumbledore and McGonagall teaching him as mentors and his friends not being nothing but support. Still sucks no Hedwig and hope he picks up flying as it just feels like it’s intrinsic to Harry.
11/9 c27 Mugiii
does ciri not meet yennefer at kaer morhen?
11/9 c20 Mugiii
I hope harry picks up flying soon, not necessarily quidditch tho
11/9 c28 RedSovereign88
glad to see theres progress once more, look forward to it
11/8 c28 3jiubantai-taicho
Ok. WHAT THE FUCK DID THIS IDIOT DO?! Doesn’t he understand that he just gave away the “family magic” he just told her everything and let her witness something she could steal with nothing but a “promise to be good and not just steal this super secret family magic” no magical oath, un breakable vow or actual security measures? Did Harry have an accident and is now brain dead? Did he ate a little too much toxic play dough? What is wrong with him? Wasn’t he protective of his family magic?
11/8 c28 fallendemon248
Oh man I hope ciri is ok, we didn’t really hear from her this chapter
11/8 c11 Mugiii
Genuinely can’t understand leaving Hedwig out
11/8 c28 Guest
love it
11/8 c7 Mugiii
Its pretty weird he hasn’t sought out any info on his parents. Like he’s living in his fathers childhood home
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