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for Healing Harry

11/3 c5 Hands Off MY Wolfie
When are we thinking that Dumbles turned Dark? As early as him and Gellert planning the Greater Good, or maybe when he betrayed him? When Dumbles became Headmaster after neutralizing Gellert - or maybe as late as Halloween 1981 - when he realized all the benefits of controlling Harry's life, titles/votes and money with little effort and no financial cost to himself?

Harry has plenty of support and will be working through his 'survivor's guilt' with help.

It will be interesting to see where the next point of the investigation focusses on. Or will we start working with Harry and his stressors?

Thanks for sharing and take care.
10/30 c1 LadyWillowElf
love this story so much
10/29 c5 Bigguns123
I love this chapter and story. I don’t think 7000 words are too many for any chapter, it depends on the story being told. I have been reading fan fiction for several years and this is truly a unique and outstanding story. Please keep up the writing.
10/29 c5 21katmom
Well done! This was great.
10/13 c4 katmom
A very prepared Harry. Thank you!
10/5 c3 katmom
Nicely done. Thanks for sharing.
10/4 c3 bahnannah
I’ve always thought that dumbledore was more of a dark lord than Voldemort because Voldemort for the most part was blatant about his views and actions. Dumbledore was more of a shadow dealer or background narcissist. Of all the adults that Harry had contact with, not a single one, except maybe Charlie, helped him. Charlie only because he had limited contact with Harry. I don’t even know why he was included in the books. Sirius cared more about revenge than Harry. Unless dumbledore was casting compulsion charms to make Sirius that way, which I wouldn’t doubt.
9/29 c2 katmom
Whoa…quite the heavy chapter. But I can already see some relief for them all.
9/28 c1 katmom
Quite the start. Thanks for sharing.
9/26 c2 krule
Please continue this. I like what I have read so far.
9/26 c2 Guest
I like this, but it seems like then men are all a tad unbelievably "overpowered" and the only ones who contributed to their battles, and thus the only ones that have issues because of it. In the case of Harry's other friends (not Hermione,) do they have a problem with taking responsibility for their own choices? You didn't write that they'd defended him when he got slapped by Molly, or frozen out by Luna's dad at the station for instance.
9/25 c2 LadyWillowElf
I'm really interested to see what happens next!

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