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11/30/2021 c1 Hydraswarm
likeing it so far I hope you continue with it
10/1/2021 c1 Naruto009523
Great start to the story I have never read a gamer story for inheritance-cycle before hope you post the next chapter soon looking forward to reading it.
9/27/2021 c1 Kircala
I'm personally not a fan of gamer fics where stats are quantified, it can make fights and interactions boring and predictable. Makes it more interesting if it's just skills and how good the character is at a skill. Like having a skill for "language" and it being level E and that just means they have a basic grasp of reading/writing and speech. ... and it can rank up from studying things which eventually makes it easier to learn forgotten languages or something.

I'm gonna keep this on my follow list and check in once in a while but I'm not used to doing reviews. Hope you enjoy writing and keep at it, don't be bothered by what I said if you're into what you're doing. The point is to have fun after all!
9/27/2021 c1 Ricee
there isn't enough Eragon fics out there so I'm gonna watch this one. probably should put the system in bold italics. the nemesis will probably be the king cause that just makes sense
9/27/2021 c1 Aadarm
Nice to see an Inheritance story. Think you kind of underestimated the elves stats though, in the story you see them punching through steel and jumping off 90 foot walls while channeling more magic than whole groups of human mages.
9/26/2021 c1 4Mythology216 the Beard King
A little cliche on the start, but at this point that's unavoidable. I think you brushed over the character dealing with their death too fast, but understand the desire to brush past it and get to the real story. Grammatically, it's very solid. I couldn't find any syntactical errors or spelling mistakes, so that's good. One bit of lore that it appears you forgot: characters in IC don't really have family names. Males get [father's name]son, while females get [mother's name]daughter. Exceptional individuals will get titles appended; like Stronghammer or Shadeslayer. Dwarves, of course, have their clan names. And the elves have their honorifics. But in the end, those are minor details you can choose to have changed.

Overall, this appears to be a very promising start, and I can't wait to read more. Good job.
9/26/2021 c1 aksksioxcoopapw2
Cool Story! Can't wait to see where this goes!

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