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9/17 c65 HelloEver22
A psychopathic robotic puppy? That’s something new, thank you for the update!
9/14 c65 Guest
Ok so things turned out alright with sparks I’m glad with that and you know not out right just killing him on the spot and I can see him wanting to have more a conversation with somebody other then nobody because being alone for so long
9/15 c65 Krieger Techpreist
Becuase he pretty much is... a silver, partially insane, somewhat sociopathic, tiny bit homicidal, robotic puppy.
9/14 c65 11Vendicor
Okay things went a little more… calmly than what I was expecting. Go figure. All in all, this was a good chapter and good to see things resolved how they were. Nice work.
9/14 c65 MuffledEagle22
will the lemon be part of the main story or an alternate side piece like the las two?
9/14 c65 osterreicher97
Lol… that last bit. Then again, it was a degree of loneliness that contributed to Spark’s canon fall to rampancy.

Though it is good that Log managed to talk him down.
9/14 c65 4Verdauga
When Talking Works!

9/14 c65 HelloEver22
Very good, thanks for the update!
9/14 c65 adam110902
9/13 c16 Tony McNucklz
There's another reason almost no civilizations allow women into war. Population replacement. Simple math is that you need a lot of women to replace lost numbers, whereas you only really need a handful of men. In a multi decade war, sending fertile females into combat is a direct harm on your long term numbers. Simple fact is, in the long run men are more disposable in this aspect. Having women work in support and industry roles is more useful to the war effort because they still contribute, but hopefully they also find a partner to procreate with and thus keep adding to the population. Women going through training, getting all set up and having the sheer volume of resources pored into them to get them co. bat or service ready, only to then have them get pregnant and be unable to carry out most duties for more than a year (pregnancy plus post pregnancy) is a grade A waste of resources on a soldier that at any time can get themselves pregnant if they want off the frontlines. We're lucky to live in a time when women joining the military doesn't affect much regarding the population and the pool of potential soldiers. In Halo though, where the war is measured in decades, being able to keep adding to the population while worlds are being glassed is as important as making bullets.
9/13 c15 Tony McNucklz
I don't get how you have the covenant understanding english so well and so commonly right now when the war has barely started.
9/12 c8 Tony McNucklz
Only thing he should have done different was try to get Cole on the horn and tell him he needs to get his hands on these Spartans. Fold them into the fleets instead of leaving these kids in ONI hands. Tell something like "sir, I'm pretty sure I'd execute everyone involved in whatever they did to make these kids without asking permission, but they exist and we're staring down an intergalactic genocide. If you'll indulge a trigger puller's advice, evac these kids the fuck out of ONIs hands and fold them into legitimate special ops units. I promise you sir, humanity is going to need these Spartans, but we can't make more the way I think they created this generation." Something like that, to get the Spartan IIs some oversight and damned support so they can actually have some life while not wasting their use by benching them, and maybe kickstart efforts to make morally and ethically sourced Spartans much sooner than canon. If how Spartans were made wasn't buried in ONIs depths, next gen spartans might have joined the fight years earlier if work on refining the methods to work on adults at an acceptable success rate began right now.
9/12 c1 Tony McNucklz
Good news, if he pulls whatever this is off, he's going to be big news, the sort of badass the UNSC would want to upgrade to keep him fighting.
9/12 c1 Tony McNucklz
Interesting Premise.

Screw the super suit, gotta get some Spartan next gen upgrades.
9/4 c64 Krieger Techpreist
So many things such little time...
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