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4/23 c13 1lucvhvtke
Love the story hope it continues
4/22 c11 Wicked Wrathan
Definitely enjoying this story with a laugh at the direction Fishcake’s ideals is getting him a “BIG” family of possible wives
4/6 c13 Damien Void Lucifer
As for me honestly I think the story is pretty good it's well paced the action as well and the payback too with endeavor and how he's winning over the females and basically making a family for himself I really hope this story continues it's pretty good I honestly can't wait to see how this story ends
3/28 c13 MarlonDrakeZ
esta entretenida y curiosamente elaborada, buen trabajo! me encantarque continuara
3/15 c13 Its.Mitch.O
I’d like to see this come back one day. Naruto’s gonna have a big family cant have future villains when hes adopting them all xD
3/11 c13 NastuUzuteis
Is this still getting updates?
3/6 c13 Guest
I can’t wait for part 14
3/4 c13 Xavier Arias Gonsalves
I do like this story and want you to continue it.
2/16 c13 Guest
I hope the next part comes out soon
2/12 c13 Whatif-inator
Hope you continue this story.
2/11 c13 Guest
Oh mas por favor ya pasa un tiempo la seguiras? Ogala que si pkr que tenia mucho que no disfrutaba de una historia tal buena
2/6 c13 Guest
This is really good keep it up!
2/4 c13 2leonmamrikishvili0
hi fellow creator I just have a fever to ask you see I am new to this and I already created one but I want to create a new one I want to create a reaction fanfiction where Mha reacts to naruto the forced shinobi so i hope you don't mind me using your fanfiction and if you do mind i will delete it right away
1/14 c13 Larro44-LL
Man man man everytime I click on this story and see a new chapter I get hype! Gotta love mirko; so straightforward lmao. HOSC can burn tho. Can’t wait for next chapter
1/12 c13 6Count Sagula
This is a pretty good and overall fun story. Definitely continue it if you like writing it as I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever twists and shenanigans you throw in!
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