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for Kido's Diary

3/23/2022 c1 Fuyuky
Try to make the chapter longer would ya?
3/16/2022 c1 Fuyuky
Happy to see someone in this fandom :D
12/24/2021 c14 Shad0wKat
Omg I’m so excited for Kido’s entries about the New Year’s party! Ayano bringing the alcohol is hilarious. I love reading about Dan drunk headcanons! Looking forward to it I like the B Plot about Hibiya and Hiyori by the way, it’s intriguing. (Also, if you celebrate it, Merry Christmas!)
11/21/2021 c8 Shad0wKat
I’ve been craving any kind of kanokido the past couple weeks, this update came at the perfect time! Cute chapter, I love the idea of the whole dan throwing a surprise party for Ayano ️
10/20/2021 c3 Shad0wKat
Such a cool and cute idea! I love diary/journal fics. Kido definitely should have one to free her thoughts without the anxiety of having to reveal them to others, at least as she’s learning to communicate better! Can’t wait to read the rest

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