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for You Could've Been a True Love of Mine

3/17 c1 Guest
This was genuinely good and wish it was continued. The ending where it says they could have been made me feel really sad even though its not that sad.
10/1/2021 c1 shplorp
two friends remembering something nostalgic and both reminiscing on what might have been... Great story bro
9/28/2021 c1 12TheFoolOfTheNoon
Wowzers, I not just too long ago played through all the current chapters of Deltarune and thought Kris and Noelle are pretty close friends. Somewhere in my brain thinking, really close, a closeness not normally known. Reading your story actually pulled a few heart strings in me and showed that close relationship the two characters have in a way that feels natural. You get my two thumbs up! Woot!

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