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11/5/2021 c6 47Tinalouise88
Okay, finally getting a chance to do this, its been a week and half for me.

Faith and the girls, remind me a bit of a college dorm in a way, or the ladies room in call the midwife. All the gossip, trading of clothing and advice, but all in this vintage way that makes it even more special.

House hunting is fun in general and I am sure the places that Ken is looking at are places Faith may have also only dreamed about living in, let afford afford even on her doctors salary and as a woman.

The juxtaposition between the Faith and Ken having trouble with house hunting and renting is very true. I know friends who had were having trouble once renting an apartment with her boyfriend, and as a test they bought a fake engagement ring and said they were getting married, and the next apartment they saw they got.

Ken having to learn to talk about Rilla for more Jims sake makes sense, he was older and had the memories. And while it bittersweet that Rilla is passed down to Ava through stories, it still has to hurt her little hurt. It's easier to talk about, the reconciliation of it is there. Choices had to be made, and it much better then a little girl not knowing anything about her mother, and a young boy being to afraid to talk about the young woman who was a mother in every way beyond blood. but it still hurts deep down for him it feel like to me at least.

Ava wanting to be a doctor is sweet, though time will tell if it ever pans out or she realizes when doctors really do isn't already neat and tidy!
11/5/2021 c6 DogMonday
This chapter is almost a game-changer! At least it points in that direction. First of all, Ava idolizes Faith! Jims feelings towards Faith are still a bit more unclear. But Faith sense that Ava is a young version of herself, in spite of certain differences in life-style, is further confirmed. The one thing that worries me on this matter is that Faith will feel a certain obligation to get into a relationship with Ken in order to be there for the kids. Not a good enough basis for a relationship.

Then Ken discloses some interesting and meaningful qualities. His thoughts on children’s psychology are perfectly valid and reflects how much he has had to adjust to a completely unforseen situation in his life and how he is coping with that. He discloses how he has noticed Faith’s inability to mention Jem, without making any fuss of it. And he is even into some analysis on gender issues. I don’t fully agree with him on all his thinking, but I have go admit that he has come pretty far for a guy in the twenties. When he says that everybody will support a widow with small children whereas a widower in the same situation will be viewed with suspiscion and people will withdraw I beg to disagree. ln my own family history there is a woman who became a widow in the twenties with four children from 9 years to a newborn baby. and I can assure you she was given no support what so ever, åand I’m afraid her story not was unusual at the time. So Ken may be right in his analysis of how professional women are treated compared to professional men, but not when he is comparing his situation with a widow with the same situation.

And then there is the final exchange of thoughts between Ken and Faith, and Ken’ s sudden and uncomfortable reaction to Faith’s words. I really have conflicting views on that exchange. On the one hand I have to admit I don’t quite understand Ken’s sudden reaction, considering all Faith’s earlier rather impertinent questions and his previous calm, matter-of-fact answers to those up to this point. Is he upset because he is viewed for his charm only, like most women are judged likewise, or is there something hidden that I fail to understand? Pls explain? On the other hand I have to admit that I’m almost happy to see that crack in Ken. He has had a real tough time becoming a widower who had to take care of a boy who was not his and a baby who should be nursed by her mother. It was a simply a healthy reaction. It is as if Ken and Faith are coming from each one way of handling difficult emotions and have to move towards and maybe even past each other in order to understand their own emotions.

So I really liked this chapter, of course including the open and supportive chat between Faith and her roommates.
11/5/2021 c6 18Alinyaalethia
It is hilariously refreshing to see Ken reduced to ‘actually rather handsome’ in the grudging way most people feel roasted asparagus with cheese can be rather edible! Especially in a community where Ken appears to be some sort of dashing, love-god type. It delights me. (It’s also just refreshing to read something not trying way to hard to be authentic regency nonsense but you know this and I digress.)

I feel Faith here on liking who she lives and works with, so primarily socialising with them. Meeting people takes effort! So I find that whole exchange delightful.

Also delightful are the Grishams, and I hope we get a few more glimpses of call-me-Dotty and amiable Denis going forward.

Ken’s point about remembering people for Jims is well observed. Ava doesn’t have memories of her mother, which is differently poignant, but Hims must be beyond tired of burying mothers. And you sort of feel talking about it is healthy. When the Blake Mysteries came back with Ghost Stories they gave Nadine Garner a stunning spew hate about how much worse grief gets when no one will talk to you about the person because then they aren’t just dead, which is terrible, but like they never existed. This reminds me of that. Jims is just young enough that had no one talked to him all that time with Rilla might have felt like a fantasy he came up with, years later. So, Ken doesn’t just remember, he tries to keep her alive for Jims.

Ava wanting to be a doctor does make for some excellent comedy. I suppose it could have been worse, at least porcelains dolls have no guts!

Anyway, very intrigued to see what was a push too far boundaries wise there just at the end.
11/2/2021 c6 Andrea1984
Oh was für ein schönes Kapitel.
Ken akzeptiert Jims langsam, verwöhnt Ava und trauert um Rilla, doch er hat auch Gefühle für Faith oder ist sie nur ein Mittel zum Zweck?
Ein gutes Alibi sozusagen?

Ava bewundert Faith, interessant.
Na ob das wirklich gut geht oder ob die Bewunderung eines Tages Risse bekommt?

Die Umstände von Rillas Tod sind nach wie vor offen, ebenso wie Unas Schicksal.

In dieser knappen Handlung steckt mehr Spannung als in der langatmigen vorigen Fanfiction.

Herzliche Grüße
10/30/2021 c5 DogMonday
O dear, hilarious! In roughly eight days Faith goes from trying to hide from her past in general and from Ken, appearing in person, more particurlarly, to a fake-wife of Ken! I guess this is your way of suggesting we should think of Faith and Ken as a couple as endgame. That does not mean this is the path you intend for them, you have deceived us before. But Ken is obviously teasing her in this chapter in a manner which is close to flirting. Could be his general manners when in company with any female of roughly the same age, could be something more. And Faith does in various semihidden ways acknowledge their old bond and her somewhat unfortunate and hilarous past.

But for now I pay more attention to the bond Faith seems to be establishing with the children. Obviously Jims must by now have been told of the familyrelation with Faith, and Ava understands it at the Zoo. Interesting that Faith realises that she and the two kids have something in common, having grown up without a mother, creating a special bond.

I’m curious about Ken’s job. I would imagine the Canadian High Commision in London still in the twenties would have as as an assignment to try to establish the fate of Canadian missing soldiers? The High commission would mainly cooperate with various British government entities in this endeavour. But I guess they also could cooperate with relevant British Non-Governmental offices, such as the Ypres League, where Esther is working, right? Maybe Ken has already managed to figure out something on Jem’s fate? Does Esther even know something?

I won’t ask any more questions regarding the fate of individual members of the Meredith family, now that I know we will be told. At least Ava revealed that some of them are surviving and still neighbours to Anne and Gilbert.

Finally a word on the tempo so far of this story. I like it, it unveils the story in a realistisk manner. But we are now halfway into the story according to your initial presentation of it. In those five chapters we seem to have covered eight days. With that speed it is difficult to envisage any huge romance in the end...;-)! Or will the story go somewhat faster from here? But next house-hunting?
10/30/2021 c5 47Tinalouise88
My apologies I had meant to do this last night but I wasn't feeling well at all.

My Ava has some personalty for such a little person. Spoiled indeed, I am curious if she was raised in Toronto or the Island. I feel with Kens Job in Ontario for most of her life, did she have a nanny? Was it really just Ken and Jims sorta trying to understand this little girl and learning how to braid her hair? Did Leslie help Ken in the early years, I say Leslie because I have a feeling Anne might have no reacted well at all to losing Rilla.

It is interesting how very much of a family they would look to strangers, and it does work almost perfect a marriage before the war, a baby, then come back after wards and have another one. My grandparents during the Second World War ended up having a huge gap between the two boys and two girls because great gramps went off to the war. It would be quite a common things to see in those days for sure.

But Ken is right for sure, its easy to let people assume then to try and explain the whole situation. It does add a layer of comedy to the whole scene as well.

the whole house hunting thing is a tried and true thing done through-out the ages. Though I would have though if he working for the embassy in some way they may have found him a home, apartment/flat for him to have for his family. Though that would take the fun out of it all, and not have Faith be exasperated by his idea.

I know you said people find him infuriating but I really don't see it. He's just trying to get by and raise his children. He's a bit cheeky, but I can also see that as a way to maybe not show his exact feeling as men are told they shouldn't often enough. Mask those feelings of having to hunt for houses without his wife because she died with cheeky humour, but then I can see him late at night in bed, just looking at her photo missing her and wishing Ava could have known her.
10/28/2021 c4 Tinalouise88
I’m just gonna combine the past two chapters.

Faith deciding whether to go is interesting as she sorta through all her feelings and why and how this sort of thing happening is bringing up all these things. Hiding in London and not confronting whatever she felt is indeed what she had done.

For a moment I though her seeing Ava’s hazel eyes with a remind more of Rilla until I remembered just how Jem had the same hazel eyes. So it’s less about seeing Rilla in those moment, who she doesn’t think much upon fondly in memories. But Jem himself, the Blythe eyes those are the eyes that haunt her.

Jim’s in interesting as well, how he came to stay with the fords and his own choices being honoured. Kens partial reluctance at first and I can see them almost fighting for Rilla’s affections and having to take the time to adjust to each other.

I am curious to how Rilla died as well, you say shortly after birth, but at the same time if Jim’s was cuddling with her in bed so I can assume some post birth hemorrhage or an infection?

I suppose there is also a great divide of how each person has dealt with loss. Ken seems fairly through all the grieving and by the sound from Ava she hears about her mother a fair but at the same time Rilla in definitely gone, where Faith is sort of battling the unknown, did they ever find out what happened to Jem? So her experience is much different then Kens.
10/27/2021 c5 audiotrope
Ken's being a little infuriating in this chapter but still liking him. The end is delightful even though I have no idea where you're taking it. Are we going to get any Ava-Persis scene or future mention?
10/27/2021 c5 18Alinyaalethia
Well this has escalated. From a zoo outing to pretend marriage! I don’t say I don’t see Ken’s point but I can also see why Faith is horrified by the prospect. It’s not even about the lie, more about playing at it insinuating she’s moved on. I kind of love that moment where she thinks No, I’m hiding over here, you go away and hide elsewhere because it’s childish on Ava levels of childish.

But that’s sort of the point. Something you seed well through this chapter is how alike Faith and Ava are. It presented a bit differently in young Faith because while Ava has everything she could ever want, Faith had to scrape pairs of stockings together. But they’re both strong willed, spirited types with quite a lot of charm when they want it. Or Faith used to have, anyway. She’s sort of understandably bottled that up post-war. And they’re both girls without mothers. There’s a lot in Ava Faith can relate to if she tries, and it’s definitely more than looks that has the interlocking woman drawing comparisons.

Of course, Ken’s should I have said XYX bit is a tad harsh, but they are both much brittle people now and I’m not sure he knows how to get through to Faith more it’s interesting that Faith’s major objection is because it does a disservice to Jims’ family. As someone who lost a parent young, you have to think she sets a value on that, and maybe a potency on people who replace those parents, that Ken with both his parents just can’t grasp.
10/27/2021 c2 47Tinalouise88
I'm still fairly weary about Faith, as I said before I never cared much for any of the Merediths in general in the books, but alas this Ken has peaked my interest and whether or not that is the intent of the story I don't know? But either way I am interested in his story which is a good sign is it not?

Either way Faith It caught off guard with some of her past life showing with throws her of kilter and almost a bit prickly because of it, and a rather judgemental with Ken and his parenting in general. Though it would through anyone might be a bit prickly, I suppose in this situation. Her judgement though feels a little uncalled for.

Ken himself is interesting. The fact that he has Jims as well, and that Rilla is passed away making him a widow. I'm guessing its about the late 1920's no more than 1930s right now.

Winnie the Pooh is a lovely story, the fact that Jem comes up in her thoughts but doesn't label him Jem anymore in her head is telling a great heartbreak for sure as well. I know all about that story and it is a adorable. So I approve of Ava's choice of story and actually Pooh came out in 1926, so it its mostly likely 1927-28? Though did Faith have to be so rude to him? surely a Sorry I have to work, have a a lovely stay in London, would have been much nicer?
10/26/2021 c4 18Alinyaalethia
You know, I think the last time a child got on my nerves as effectively as Ava it was Clare from the Sally stories, remember her? But at least Ava has the grace not to Nick my name! Also, I get the distinct sense she’s supposed to grate, so kudos there. She epitomises the kind of overindulged child you would expect a widowed Ken to raise while floundering to cops with how to discipline dead Rilla’s look alike. That would get to anyone. And the fact he can talk about it candidly and comfortably speaks volumes. He’s obviously doing something right.

And spoiled or not no one can contest Ava is loved, which is definitely the more important thing. Ken can always sneak discipline in eventually but impressing on an unconvinced kid that they’re loved past a certain age is a way harder battle. And given there’s a kind of fiction out there where Ava would be resented for looking like her mum, and it’s refreshing that instead of that Ken opts for the other extreme and just rotes in her. Plus, ice cream and penguins are pretty universally popular.

Elsewhere I don’t know if I should feel bad that there’s just no universe where Jims gets sunshine and unicorns for life or appreciate that he’s at least briefly reunited with Rilla. I kind of opt for the latter. He should never have left her and there’s no good way to undo canon, so...shrug? though I like the realism that he and apparent interloper Ken are not immediately best friends. That feels very human.

Ken keeping his children also echos John Meredith and Gilbert back when Anne is suck. Remember the awful woman who was going to adopt the twins?! And how she is *different* to the awful woman who wanted to adopt Una? Canon has a long tradition of misguided adoption offers and you’re making me remember them all!

I do enjoy getting a bit more of what happened to Rilla, how Jims became a Ford and what was going on when. You can still see the girl Faith was in some of her unthinking questions but the fact she doesn’t say the last thing about the number of buried children shows growth, even through her hurt.

My favourite chapter so fat. Excellent stuff :)
10/26/2021 c5 Andrea1984
Ein tolles Kapitel.
Interessant, was die fremde Frau sieht und was Faith wirklich denkt und fühlt.
Ken hat sich ganz richtig verhalten.

Na ob Faith wirklich seine Frau spielen möchte?
Es ist viel passiert und nie geklärt worden.
Ava hat schon irgendwie recht, wenn sie Faith nicht glaubt.

Was ist aus Una geworden?
Ken hat keinen Kontakt zu ihr, was nachvollziehbar ist, da sie jünger als er ist und Ken, vor dem Krieg selten in Glen gewesen ist.

Gute Nacht.

Herzliche Grüße
10/22/2021 c4 DogMonday
This is on the surface a lighter chapter, but still serious. The questions are straight forward and the answers open and honest, making the dialogue informative and interesting. There is a change in the atmosphere as we go along. Although this story is not in first person it is still Faith’s story. I know I’m not the only one that noticed that we got from Ken Ford throughout most of the chapter to Ken in the end. He had by then rightly earned Faith's respect. This change is probably going further, but whether towards romance or towards friendship and a possible reconnection with Canada and Faith’s past I don’t dare to guess yet. At least she seems to be striking some kind of friendship with the two children, in spite of their differences.

Something awful obviously happened at the Glen St Mary Manse around 1919-20. Spanish flu? Did anybody survive? I’m more and more convinced that at least Una is dead. Jerry seems to have survived but he must have lived elsewhere by then.

There seems to be general agrement that Jem is dead, although the only information available is from a soldier comrade. As you rightly point out, it could be the correct information. I’m wondering if my namesake and almost favourite Dog Monday once again was caught howling? If so, Jem’s death seems a fact. I’ m not yet convinced though. He could e g have survived with not only physical injuries but with amnesia. Btw, I thought it somewhat petty of Faith to note that Anne and Gilbert had not buried two of their children. The point is that the two sons were, according to the information they had, dead. Faith at least had the decency not to say this comment loudly. .

This is a very dialogue-dense story, but you really bring it forward with these dialogues, while at the same time depicting very well changes of atmosphere and of relationships.
10/21/2021 c3 audiotrope
I don't know what I want Faith to start feeling towards Ken, so I'm just going to see where this goes.
10/20/2021 c4 audiotrope
I like that Ken seems low key a bit of a dick for spoiling his daughter so irresponsibly and cheerfully, and maybe the resentment towards Jims presence years earlier doesn't help, but at the same time somehow I like him and I don't know why, help.
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